Thank You Owners

It's been a really difficult year and a half for our league and our game. The CFL could have died during this time but it looks like we've survived and we're actually going to play football again. There was a chance that it might not have happened. I want to thank everyone involved from players to coaches to fans to office staff for sticking it out, but I especially want to make sure that one important group isn't left out - the ones with the most money to lose - the owners.

It could have been very easy for any our owners to walk away from a product that was not allowed to make any money and it would have been difficult to blame them if they did. If just one team had lost its ownership, the domino effect could have been the end for all the other 8.

CSEC in Calgary and MLSE in Toronto. Both of these groups are in businesses bigger than the CFL. It could have been easy for them to cut ties with these losses but they didn't. Thanks millions.

Winnipeg, Edmonton and Sask: our community owned teams. These three would probably have been the last 3 standing just due to their model and mandate, but they all kept it together. Thank you.

Jeff Hunt and OSEG. Deepest gratitude. Ottawa football forever.

Mr Stern and the recently late Mr Spiegel in Montreal. We don't know you so well, but welcome to the club. They bought in and immediately got dealt this huge blow. Thanks for seeing it through. It will pay off.

Bob Young. Caretaker isn't just a cool handle. It's the truth. Oskie-wee-wee, forever owed.

The estate of David Braley and in fact the man himself for everything that he has done for the BC Lions and this league as a whole. Thank you.


Thanks for posting this @prariedog! :+1: :+1: :+1:
It has been a long 2 years for all of us!
5 more days


It was the the private ownerships that kept this together. As much as everyone loves community ownerships; its the deep pockets of MLSE, OSEG, CSEC that saved this league.



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P Dog. beautifully put, wish I made your statement.
August 05 2021 everyone please take a moment to reflect on the gift we are receiving long live the CFL


Very well said!


Here’s to owners that hang in there. Appreciate it immensely
Long live the CFL


Sasklions, welcome to the CFL forum. Looking forward to your input