Thank You Otis Floyd

Otis is in town to announce his official retirement. He was my favourite player during the last couple of years. The level of intensity, charisma, enthusiasm and leadership he brought to the team was unparalleled. I believe that he kick-started the Tiger-Cats back to being a competitive team with his timely interception against BC during the second game of the 2009 season. The Cats were winning by a couple of points late in the game and Buck Pierce was marching towards our red zone. With about a minute to go Otis Floyd picks off Buck. I remember jumping out of my seat with joy. This was the catalyst for the Cats turnaround from several horrible years we had and went on to a 9-9 season and home playoff game. I think it's a fitting tribute to let him lead our troops out of the tunnel during the labour day game. He will pump up the Ivor Wynne crowd one last time.

CHEERS to Otis and good luck with all your future endeavors.

The subject line says it all.

The "Count" will be missed by all Black and Gold fans. If all Cats had the same intensity to win as he displayed we would have won Grey Cups in all of his years in the Hammer.

Good luck in your next chapter in life.


OTIS "THE ELEVATOR" FLOYD :thup: :rockin: all the best and good luck after football.

Good luck with your new business Otis! Thank you for your hard work while with the Tiger-Cats.

Thank you, Otis, for your spirited masterful play not inspired your teammates but also the many fans who had the pleasure of watching you on the field.

You will be missed more than you know.

You can see a clip of that interception that sealed that win in BC in this video here:

I haven't heard about him leading the team out the tunnel tomorrow. But if he'll be there, I hope he'll be thanked for what he has done for us.

Good luck to him in the future.

Please everyone, don't just applaud him tomorrow, raise the noise level to the max and show him how thrilled we are to have him retire as a Ticat.Thank you Otis!

And now I see it says that in this article:

Here's an excerpt from it:

Although, he has one duty left, Floyd will lead the Ticats out of the tunnel on Labour Day, a fitting send off for the fan favourite who wore the Ticats colours proud.

That sounds good to me.

Thanks Otis for some great football,so with affection and love we the TiCat fans will always remember you and honour you.-JohnnyMac

A Class Act, through and through.

I miss our Pitpull of Linebacker
Glad I'll be able to see Otis see us out of field One last time

Happy retirement Otis and Thank you for Bring the D's Swagger back


Broke my heart to lose Otis. He is exactly what the ticat defense should be. I hope he speaks to the younger guys and shares some of his intensity with them. Thanks for the memories, Otis.

Holy be his name. Amen

I'm sure he will, after seeing this quote from this article: ... -up-ticats

There is zero chance the Hamilton Tiger Cats will not be fired up for today’s Labour Day tilt with Montreal.

The reason is the presence this weekend of one of the most fiery Ticats in team history, not to mention one of the best trash-talkers the league has ever seen.


Floyd will lead the Ticats on to the field for Monday’s Monday’s tilt. He also broke the team down following their walk through Sunday and expects he’ll get even more emotional taking the team down the tunnel.

This could be considered a "passing the torch" moment, and I believe it's being passed to capable hands.

It was good to see the players giving their tributes to Floyd. I know that Hickman did a celebration similar to the Otis did many time, and I understand other players did as well.

Those tributes were fantastic. You could really see his influence and how pumped the defense was, so the Cats should hire Otis as some type of defensive assistant.

I was fortunate enough to run into Floyd about 40 minutes before kickoff. It was complete happenstance as I normally get to the stadium earlier, but was caught up doing other stuff and had to leave later. Boy am I glad I did. I was a huge fan of his, and I even wore his jersey to the game after I found out he would be leading the boys out of the tunnel. Running into him and getting to say thank you for his two great seasons here was the highlight of the afternoon for me.