Thank You Once Again Stamps Fans!!!!

For just under a decade (since moving from the Ottawa Valley) I have been a Stamps season ticket holder, and ever year when the Tiger Cats come to town I faithfully where my colours. And every single season, I drink, laugh and enjoy the game with all the Stamps fans around me. And with the exception of the "loser, drunk frat boy who's at his first football game and doesn't have a clue about what's happening in the game", Stamps fans showed once again how classy they are. I don't care what anyone says...The Calgary Stampeders have the greatest, most respectable fans in the entire CFL!


…hey yeasty, we had a ticat fan sitting two rows in fornt of us last night and had a blast with him…all very good natured…he stood for the 109 intereception return and bowed to us…we softly booed…after the last play we all took turns patting his shoulder as he slowly shook his head back and forth in disbelief…

…glad you had fun, safe to say we all got our money’s worth last night…

how the hell did you pull that win out of your a$$ last night calgary lol

Yeast#5, Well it takes both sides to have fun! What section are you located was it O or Y!

Section O. But Tiger Cats games are the only time you can pick my out of the crowd. Every other home game I'm sporting a "Reynolds" third jersey. Used to be Garcia. And I tell you, Thursday night was like reliving the '98 Grey Cup when Jeff tore us apart to get McLaughlin into field goal range. All the horrible memories are flooding back in!! :cry:

Well it seems a lot of your T Cat homies did not like the call on Maas being hit by two stamps. If they could ever figure out how you can stop while you are in a diving motion to tackle. But hey they did not like to lose like that so the ref excuse card comes out. You should get a tie cat jersey for the back and a stamps jersey in the front! ha ha ha

1st time to McMahon, and I just have to say kudos.
I loved the staduim, the fans are great (didn't fear for my life like I sometimes do down the QEW), and i really appreciated how the score board was used. I think it is cool to have the stats up.
If things work out and I am working in the Calgary area, I can't wait to make it to more games (but like Yeast#5, I will have to pull out the Cats jersey when they come through town).