Thank you Nathan

yes. thank you and good luck :football:


He will be missed that's for sure.

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i’m not sad he left. i’m happy for him.

i am sad he was injured and we only got half a taste of what was surely a historic season by any quarterbacking standards, canadian or otherwise.

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Good luck warming the bench! He is going to waste the prime years of his career in NFL because he is going to be the no. 3

Let's hope that is not the case. That's always a worry, but how do you not take the opportunity? (and the money).

He did say he wants to be a starting QB in the NFL in the long term.

He's going in knowing he won't be competing for the starting position unless Lawrence totally falters.

It may push Lawrence to the best QB possible.

Btw welcome to the forum. Sorry for the long explanation.

Super rookie year won't guaranty any NFL starts. Only if the starting QB for Jacksonville goes down with injury will he get a "sniff" at coming into a game. I like the kid. Need to face reality. Besides he only has a brief record, only one season in CFL where he did not play all the games due to injury.

you clearly haven’t been reading that he is looking to compete for a back up role first

OK...Nice 3 year contract and try to make the team. Hope he does well, if not can always come back up north afterwards

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