Thank you Mr. Young and the players

Bob, on behalf of myself and my family who came to the game on Labour Day and then made the trip again on Saturday, I want to thank you for your patience.

Obviously you probably are getting incredibly tired of the teams performance as are we as the fans but I just wanted to thank you for putting your money behind the team. If anything I think you may be getting angry with your football operations people whom you have been paying well to get the team back to prominence.

The slams you have received have been very unfair in my opinion given that you are not a football person but a huge fan like the rest of us.

I for one hope you stay as the owner for a very long time. I also hope that you are rewarded for your major investment into the team and community with several Grey Cups.

I want to thank the players for coming out and signing autographs for the fans after a poor result on Saturday.

I have no doubt that many if not all of you were incredibly frustrated but my son and daughter never saw that from any of you including Casey, Jesse, Zeke, Terry Cauley, Nick Setta, Nic Kordic, Quinton Porter and on and on. All of whom were great even some apologizing for the game result.

And yes there will be some who will say you should apologize, but I disagree. In fact I was rather embarrassed as some fans took the opportunity at the autograph signing to tell you what you already knew and as far as I know none of them has ever played professional anything let alone football.

We are a passionate fan base and there is a huge history of great teams with winning records and Grey Cups which is why we almost wish we could will you to win but it is a game and I for one believe our return to respectability is coming and I will continue to cheer for the team until it does and I hope our great owner is here as well.

My kids and I definitely didn't like the score but we still had a good day together and I thank you all for that.

We wish Charlie Taffe well but hope that this signals an improvement in the quality of play and results.

Thanks Bob!

Well said Rev. Clark! :thup:

Agreed. :slight_smile:

One hundred per cent correct. We are lucky to have Bob. He is far from being a problem. He is our solution. Unfortunately for Bob, his football people have not done their jobs.

Nicely put.
I think Bob understands that much of what's said is simply emotion. And that's a good thing.

He's had a taste of how this town embraces the Cats and I don't suspect he'll give up easily. That said, I really do hope that the team's lack of success doesn't weigh to greatly.

We're in the midst of unparalleled stability amid unprecedented futility.

That's the silver lining, I guess.

My hope is that Bob does not get as frustrated with spending his millions or at least 10's of thousands and any more of the fans who spend their hundreds and or even their thousands and one or both leave.

I would think that a man who has made the kind of money Bob has through his own and the insights of others cannot and will not tolerate poor performance forever.

At the same time this type of success usually is awhile in the making which I am convinced along with his civic pride has kept Bob here this long.

And I grant that in football four years is long but certainly if we feel this way it must be 10 fold for Bob and I might add the players.

You loose one draft choice to the N.F.L. albeit the reserve squad another in the preseason and a second year non-import o-lineman with a freaky season ending shoulder injury it is going to take more added time.

But when you are provided with something that still has your kids thanking you for going, I'm okay with that.

I still say thanks Bob!

I think Bob has been good for ownership for this team his funds have provided them with something we havent had in years and thats stability in ownership. Where the frustration for me lies is year after year he makes the same mistakes. Since he has taken over t his team we have had the inability to lure any high profile free agents in this direction outside of CP and maybe a few others. We've constantly been in the rebuilding phase. We have troubles keeping anyone decent we develop or do find once they become free agents. Mr. Young needs to do something such as the Oilers have done to show Hamilton is a city players need to come to. Instead the focus doesn't seem to be on luring great talent to this city. It's been more focused on having a cool replay screen jets flying over a big canadian flag etc etc etc. This stuff is all well and good when we have a team that is winning it keeps fans in the seats, but the first focus as an owner should be building a winner. Then everything else becomes much easier. Instead of spending on these marketing ploys to keep fans. Why not market this city to players and get the key free agents we have. Mr. Young needs to do something fast and no not another dont worry be happy speech will not suffice. He needs to get out there and entertain some players and show what kind of ownership weve got. He is quickly losing fans by the minute and noone wants to see someone fail especially someone such as mr young. It just appears he is in way over his head when it comes to sports team ownership. The only stability he has provided us with is ownership. Every other aspect of this team is a mess. heres to hoping mr young sticks with us and pulls us out to a more prospourous land

I agree, thanks Bob and players....

well Revclark...and no disrespect and the 10,000 or so fans that attend next years 1-17 season deserve a medal or some other recognition.

Bob I certainly hope you have "hard bark " some of the dipshits who slam you and our football operations people. I sincerly hope you stay the course and wait patiently like the rest of our true fans.


Well if he didnt step in, instead of the past 5-10 years being crap football, it would have been no football in hamilton at all.

Bob's brought in who he was told and who he thought was the best for football operations... he admits he knows nothing about putting together a football team. I dont see how this could be laid on bobs head at all.
He does/did his job he made the team profitable, brought back the fans, and made this city love football again.
I just feel for him knowing the people he was told were reliable people to put together a good footabll team turned out to be complete idiots throughout the years.

very good point point xtybe