Thank you Mr Tillman

First off, I want to congratulate you for your great posts. It must have taken some tongue-biting on your part given some of the puerile insults that have been directed your way on the forum, from one or two posters in particular, but congrats for not rising to that bait. It would be pointless anyway, I have the impression that nothing you could say or do, even three Grey Cup wins in a row, would satisfy those people.

But it does not surprise me that you have responded in a classy fashion.

We met during Grey Cup weekend in Montreal. You were having lunch with Gil Scott at the Chateau Champlain, which happened to be the hotel my wife and I were staying at. We had just been speaking about you when, coincidentally, you and Mr Scott walked in. We came over and chatted with you briefly, and you were very gracious, friendly, and approachable, did not seem to mind our interrupting your lunch, and allowed me to get a picture of you with my wife (sorry it turned out reall fuzzy).

Odd since all the other pictures turned out okay....

You may not know however the rest of the story. Later that afternoon we were chatting in the hallway with Angelo Mosca and Hal Patterson, and again your name came up. Angelo indicated he'd like to speak to you, so I mentioned that we had seen you at lunch, I went to look in the bar and you were still there so I went back to Angelo and told him..........after that we saw all of you sitting together, so I guess I had a little something to do with getting you together. Were you talking to Big Ang about signing him up for 2009?? If so I'll gladly accept a commission !!! :smiley:

Anyway, great to have you on board here.

Its Eric's hair probably confused the hell out of the chip in your digital camera LOL!

Nah, more likely it was the idiot holding the camera...................

That's not a very nice thing to say about Gill Scott.

Hi Jack,

Sorry that picture didn't turn out better, although, many would argue I look at my very best when the camera is out of focus!!! Anyway, it's nice hearing from you again, and, perhaps, we can take another shot in Calgary next year.

Yes, I had a great visit with Angelo, Hal Patterson, Peter Dalla Riva, Tony Proudfoot, etc that day. Even with our age differences, Angelo and I have developed a great rapport through the years. And, I was thrilled to finally meet the legendary Hal Patterson. That's why Ang was looking for me! For some of our younger board members, Hal Patterson was Ben Cahoon "back in the day." Different generations, of course, who will always argue about which one was better! And, of course, Tony, who I mentioned, who is dying with ALS disease, brings football into perspective. Suddenly, I felt pretty childish being so consumed with not getting back to the Grey Cup. It's hard to believe Tony was totally healthy a couple of years ago, and doing the colour on the Als radio.

In a related note, ET, that jacket you're wearing, I'm a big fan of that type of jacket/sweater, whatever you want to call it. Is it sold in stores, and is it made with other team colours?

In addition to being accessible to the fans, thank you for occasionally making public the names of some of the players on the Riders' negotiation list. Given the salary management system that has been in place in the CFL for the past couple of years, there seems to be less of a rationale for withholding the negotiation lists from the public. I wish more GMs in the CFL were as enlightened as you are on this point.

All the best in 2009, Mr. Tillman (except when the Riders play the Ticats).