Thank you Mr. Holmes

I just wanted to thank Mr Holmes for being here for the last game with the birth of his new child happening recently.
Thank you for being here trying to help the team when I know you would like to be with your family. Quite a sacrifice you have made for your new team and the fans. I hope to see you in a Ticat uniform for quite some time. :smiley:


Mr. Holmes. Please Leave.


Miller91. Please Leave this universe

How can any of you want Corey Holmes on this team? He DOESN'T want to be here, he DIDN'T want to be here since DAY ONE. He is a Saskatchewan Roughrider TRAPPED in a Hamilton Tiger-Cat uniform. He's headed straight back to Saskatchewan at the end of the year. We have to trade him away so we can get SOMETHING for him. Trade him anywhere BUT Saskatchewan. You are supposed to play for the team in which colours you wear. Holmes hasn't played this year, he's muffed the ball countless times, and has looked slow, and weak whilst running the ball. If he doesn't want to be here, then I don't want him here.

First of all, prove it. Got quotes from him???

Second, prove that any prefferrence to be anywhere else has resulted in any less effort on his part.

Based on what you already said, not a single person wearing the ticat uniform ever wanted to be doing so.

With Fans like you jumping all oveer him basicly calling him an unprofessional I wouldn't blame him. But he is here and he is playing for this team. He has had some bad luck but we all do. I hope he does resign in Hamilton. He is an asset to this team.


Then again, I would love to see him in a lion uniform.

Fans like me? I support this team through thick and thin, I was here during the 1 and 17 season, and I'll be here for the rest of this season. But when I see someone being "unprofessional" I'll call him out for it. Holmes is not playing. He's getting paid, and that's about it. He fumbles punts almost once a game. He was seen talking on his cell phone saying he didn't want to play (forgot who reported that here). He didn't fumble last year, he made people miss last year, now he fumbles, and moves almost as slow as Danny Mac.

Holmes still wears a Roughrider mouth guard just to let you Holmes defenders know

Well we are all entiltled to our opinion. I disagree with you Miller91 but I respect your opinion.

That makes me want to break out the thumbscrews.

They still don't have a sarcasm icon on this site?

Oski Wee Wee,

the mouth guard is comfortable. Worn in just the way he likes it. Why should he have to get a newer less comfortable one. What a petty thing to be concerned about, sheesh :roll:

maybe ya wanna make sure he not still wearing his rider jockstrap as well??

Hello, he's a TIGER-CAT, not a ROUGHRIDER. He should not have something with a Roughrider logo on it while playing for the TIGER-CATS.

Oh, and I'm not homosexual, and I'd really love to know what posters on this site have with questioning sexuality. By the way, if you worked for say a Heating & Cooling company, where you had to do service calls, and you went to your service call wearing a hat from your old place of employment. Your boss wouldn't like it, and it'd be a: the hat goes, or you go scenario.

wrong. the riders and the ticats are not too competing companies. Your point would only be valid if you were talking two different leagues competing for the same dollars.

And what the heck does anything about sexuality have to do with anything??

I have to say I do agree he shouldn't be wearing anything with another CFL team's name or logo on it. But, I also think you're being harsher than necessary on the guy.
He hasn't been on the roster for many of the games and we have no blocking on special teams(yet again,big surprise!). Pretty much every player on this team has messed up some time in this disaster of a year so far.
I almost started listing examples but I'd be here all night.

JOCK STRAP. Assuming a male, would want to know what another male is wearing to cover his genitals. Assumption of Homosexuality. Oh and football players don’t wear jock straps. They are two competing teams! They both compete for revenue. Having a Roughrider logo on a Tiger-Cat player advertises the Roughriders in a game that they don’t even play. However the league does need money, it is not something that he should be wearing.

So, when the riders are coming to town, the ticats should not advertise the riders? They are NOT competing for revenue. They are helping each other. Can you not understand that concept.

Jockstrap, a piece of underwear of which caring about what ever logo might be on it would be petty and pointless. Guess you were not able to understand that either. Got to wonder about someone who would take the mention of jockstrap and turn it into something to do with homosexuality. :roll:

Yeah the whole jockstrap/homosexuality thing has really thrown me for a loop too.
This is still a football forum isn’t it?