Thank you LIons!

Thanks BC Lions...

you saved us this week!

Great win, hope you get first now!


YES!!!! On behalf of ALL cats fans! THANK YOU LIONS!! :rockin:. Lets hope Peg keeps Pooping the bed! and we will Return the favour vs Sak in 2 weeks!!!!

Also Cata n Pac you are welcome. Its always good to see the cats helping out the cats.
Here's to Lions and Ti-Cats in the 09 Grey Cup!

I had to visit my daughter, in the hospital. So I missed most of the second half. It looks like I missed out on a awesome game, but my daughter is more awesome.

I'm glad the Lions won. :smiley:

Your right on that one Doyo!!!
I hope its nothing too serious Doyo. Hope your Dauther has a fast recovery.