OK so I can't believe the season is over, but I am sick an tired of all you typical WHINING lions fans.... blaming anyone and anything for the loss in Calgary. Sure it is easy to sit back with your Dorrittos and beer then complain that you could have done better. Always looking at the negatives!!!

Well I just want to thank the Lions ... yes the whole team and organization for an exciting year of football and I am stoked for what is to come next year. No matter what you say I could see the determination on all the players faces while watching. Ok so I have some personal opinions on possible changes but I will keep them to myself as I am not coaching the team.

So again Thanks Wally, all the coaches, and all the players... it was exciting down to the 1 second that remained on the clock. (loved Burris's expression when he realized 1 second was left)

Go Lions in '09. :rockin:

I was actually cheering for Calgary, but when he (Burris) left that second on the clock I was hoping that BC could score a strike in the end zone. That would have made one of the all time touchdown lists, and poor Henry would have probably been tarred and feathered by his own fans. :wink:

Kudo's to all that.... Lion's football always exciting and very entertaining! :rockin:

As a PAYING and LONG TIME Fan....

I have every right to voice my opinion!

There are areas that need to be FIXED and QB is one of them.

Wally is a great REGULAR Season coach but when it comes to WESTERN FINALS.....mmmmmmm :cry:

Great post Lionfan.

I would also like to thank the team for another entertaining season. No it didn't end the way I hoped it would but it's great to see us contending every season. Hopefully the experience Buck has gained will pay dividends in 2009 and I can't wait to see what kind of season Stefan Logan will have being in the line-up for all 18 games.

Love "Superman" and his tremendous play over the years and thanks to the defence for a superb effort in the playoffs. :thup: