Thank you Lions for a great season

My take always from this season. Doman takes over the team last season and he says he’s going to do this and that. I wish him well but being a Lions fan since the late 50’s I’ve heard this story before. Come 2022 and I hear how we’re going to have a big party to kick off the season. Gee that sounds interesting. I hear Doman on a radio show and he says the goal for this year is just to make the playoffs. Ok my thoughts are that could be doable.
Now we start training camp, and it’s starting to look like the same old, same old. I’m not getting that upset about it as I believe training camps are more for the coaches to evaluate their talent rather then impress fans.
But the hype is just starting, this so called party is becoming a reality. We have a street closed down for party time along with a band playing outside plus the concert has been announced as One Republic and all of a sudden the city is talking Lions and roughly 34,000 people have bought tickets for the concert and the opener. 34,000 fans for a Lions game. Haven’t seen that kind of enthusiasm for a decade or two.
Then Nathan Rourke takes the field and it’s like where did this kid come from and they demolish Edmonton to kick the season off. As the season progresses We are starting to see more orange being worn around Metro Vancouver and people know who the players are.
The party atmosphere continues for the bulk of the season and it appears Doman will get his wish of being in the playoffs. Well not only does the team get into the playoffs but they also go one step further and get a home playoff date. And to top that they beat the Stamps in semi final and head off to Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the cream of the league so falling short in Bomber land is nothing to be ashamed of.
My biggest take away from this is it training camp 2023 yet?
A big thank you to Amar Doman, the front office staff, the coaches and the players for making this an exciting season on and off the field for me.


Amen. To add to that they turned up at the stadium riding horses & scooters, sung our anthem, & adopted an evil clown mascot. No other team even came close to the improvement shown from this team. From 7th overall last year to 2nd this year. So sweet after missing the play-offs for 2 seasons (+ a non-season to boot). Thank you all indeed, it was a great year to be a Lions fan.


With a crowd of 40,000 ish


Sure feels good doesn't it



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Put me down as greatful too. This year's Rourke fest was a breath of fresh air.

We never looked forward to seeing a Lions game over the last few years knowing that they were probably going to lose... and lose in front of a half empty stadium which was depressing as heck. Now we can hardly wait for them to show up in the 'Peg. :grinning: :+1:


He's managed to do more to make the Lions visible again in a shot amount of time than Braley did in the previous 11 years (Bob Akcles suddenly passing away in 2008).

Hopefully he keeps going even with the possibility of Rourke going to the NFL as he should try for.

Well done Doman.


In Hamilton, many of us were upset that Rourke and company did not visit us in 2022; hopefully that'll change in 2023.

Looking forward to BC place's upper dome being full again....

Congrats to all Lions fans that kept the faith!


One Republic is a big get as they headlined ABC’s NYE show from Time Square NYC!

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Doman has to do a lot more to what ackles did 2003 - 2008 in Ackles second full season lions president he went from
Selling the lower bowl out every game to getting 55,000 for the WF in 2004 he also had Casey Printers Dave Dickinson and Walley B to help as well were Doman is just himself at the beginning of this year nobody really new who Nathen Rourke was .

I feel that Doman will put more work into making the Lions relevant as he doesn't seem to be the type of person being okay with losing money constantly like Braley was.

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I’m waiting for what’s coming next…..

We certainly have had our ups and downs over the years but this was a good one. Sure am glad I have those earlier games from this year PVRed so I can watch them again this winter.

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WOW that’s dedication. Enjoy the winter re watching.

It seems like a really nice way to spend a snowy winters day. Make a hot toddy and curl up with a good ... football game!