Thank you Jeremiah

If we need another reason to appreciate Jeremiah, how about this list of names:

Todd Bankhead
Billy Dicken
Khari Jones (WAY on the downside of his career)
Marcus Brady (great coach, lousy QB)
Kevin Eakin
Jason Maas (see Brady)
Tommy Chang
Casey Printers
Richie Williams
Quenton Porter
Dan LeFevour
Jacory Harris
Greg Matthews

(am I missing anyone?)

Some preceded Masoli, some came after, but all failed miserably at doing what he managed to this team to the Grey Cup and win awards as Most Outstanding Player in the Eastern conference...

To Crash's point, how many QB-development failures for the one success with Masoli...maybe didn't get us over the finish line but got us closer than any other QB since Danny Mac (2 yard line...closer than Collaros did)

Hope you go 15-4 this year, Masoli...and get heartsick once again at failing to win the big one that we finally get....


Masoli never played a down for Edmonton...that's as "scratch" as you're gonna get in pro football

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June Jones

To Jeremiah ….maybe the best QB I have coached!!!…and I have had a few great ones!!!..Congrats on ur new contract ….will be watching more games again this year!!..enjoy the family and get ready to ball again…Aloha Coach June


Sounds like Coach June Jones is enjoying the weather from warmer climes. Good for him. I'd like a break from shovelling snow soon. Mind you if he's in Hawaii June might have to whip out the 'volcanic ash blower' to clear his sidewalk. That thing can really mess up the lawn (always use the 'ash catcher' accessory that comes with your ash blower).

Thank you for that really positive post June Jones (jaw drops to table). I was not expecting that on this thread. :smiley: :+1:


Well expressed. JM is a class act. His signing is good for the RB and the CFL both.


A nice final touch for Jeremiah, from the TiCats -- They released him today, so that the RedBlacks could, immediately, have a signing photo op and get some media and fan attention ahead of all the other official signing announcements to come after noon tomorrow.

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How nice of us. Like we haven't given them enough.


Taken from us by our own former co-GM is more like it.

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My real concern is there's no indication Ottawa overpaid for any of these guys. Maybe they did, but there's no chatter that Burke is "breaking the bank" for these guys.
Masoli is probably only overpaid by about 10-15%. Nothing absurd.

This begs the question, were we happy to let some of these guys go? Were they happy to just leave?

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It's a fair question.

Ciraco may have lingering back issues that the Cats had concerns about?
Jeremiah was leaving... period.
Acklin - can be replaced relatively easily?
Will Banks show up in Ottawa after the Cats clearly let him go?
Jackson Bennett wanted to be close to home and have a chance at more playing time?

So far none of these guys aside from perhaps Masoli (who was leaving regardless) will leave a big hole in Hamilton.

Let's see what is in store tomorrow.


This was fast.


Hes about to :

  1. Throw a pick.
  2. At somebodys feet
  3. Over somebody's head
  4. 300 yds.

Too soon?

Please keep in mind that this thread was started to simply say a thank you.

The endless Masoli thread was locked up.

Let's try to not let this one digress.



Hes the opposition now. But, yes, its not the right thread.