Thank you Jeremiah

By now we all know that Jeremiah Masoli is on his way to Ottawa.

Just wanted to say thank you Jeremiah for putting all that you had into your time playing quarter-back for the TigerCats.

You have always carried yourself with class and distinction.

Thank you for also being such a good team mate with everyone but most of all with Dane. It was very evident that you both supported each other fully and did everything you could to collectively bring success to the Cats. I firmly believe that Dane will excel here and you can be justifiably proud that you had a hand in his development.

I appreciated the time you took post game to talk to the fans and introduce us to your family. I know they are all very proud of you and your accomplishments.

Lastly, Ottawa is very fortunate to have you. Your presence fills a pretty big void there. I know you will do whatever it takes to succeed and your veteran leadership will definitely be a big asset.

I wish you nothing but success and full stadiums at TD Place - except when you are playing my beloved TigerCats!


Jeremiah is absolute class.

A couple of years ago my son was in Burlington Mall and he ran into Jeremiah shopping with his family. Jeremiah immediately put his shopping bags down and posed for a couple of photos and signed an autograph. He was super polite and humble and even took the time to chat with my son for a few minutes.

On the football field I enjoyed watching him progress over the years. The offence he ran with June Jones in 2018 was a lot of fun to watch. He came within an inch of winning the 2021 Grey Cup in a game where the Bombers were heavily favoured.

Jeremiah. Best of luck to you and your family and thanks for the many exciting memories as a Ti-Cat.


Well said, Thanks for posting!


Masoli's Stats as a Tiger Cat:



Thank you too Jeremiah for all you've done. My favourite memory probably has to be when he came off the bench for an injured Collaros. I figured our season was sunk, but Masoli lead us down field time after time that game and kept our season alive. It was quite the performance and had restored my hope. That game marked Masoli's arrival.

Now i wish i could remember the year, I'm pretty sure it was aganist Ottawa and had to have been the Semi-final. My memory is foggy on those details, but i clearly remember being impressed with our at the time little known backup.

Best of luck to you in the future Jeremiah, and remember you'll always be a ticat!


Good luck in Ottawa, JM. *

*sentiment null & void when playing against the Ticats.


I met Jeremiah on the 11th tee at the Chedoke Martin course . I thought he was a linebacker . The man is thick . Needless to say , we old guys let the QB and his TiCat friends play through . I think Brian Simmons was part of their group . As I recall , he blocked out the sun . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (Jeremiah is Steel Town tough)


Best of luck in Ottawa, Jeremiah. :facepunch:t2:


Your memories, Steve, are the ones that stand out to me as well, with the greatest being Jeremiah's performance in the Eastern Final, at Ottawa, in 2015. It's one of my all-time favourite TiCat games, even though it ended as Ottawa's "Miracle on Bank Street" and a TiCat loss. Somewhere in the last year, or two, I heard an interview where Masoli mentioned it as being one of the greatest games of his CFL career. When it comes to expressing thanks and good wishes, I don't think I can top the thoughts written by others in this thread. I'm enjoying reading them.


The Edmonton comeback game was my fav Masoli game.. that was crazy.


That was something, for sure


The club has joined in, on this, with a nice video:


Nice words from QB1


Classy. If you think about it these are the first two guys we’ve really brought along and stick with at qb since Mike Kerrigan. Happy for both of them


Yep for years we said "why don't we ever develop QBs?" And while personally I don't think it's necessary in the CFL, it always looks great when someone you developed pans out. Having 2 back to back would be Calgarian-Like.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we get Masoli as pert of the Simoni trade?
That leaves Evans as the only GOOD QB we have developed "from scratch" in a LONG time.

We did, but I'd say that's on a technicality.


Thank's for filling in the blanks for me OC. I felt maybe the result was a loss. I guess that says something, the fact i would remember Masoli's performance despite the loss!