Thank you Jason Maas?

Edmonton Fans, You owe Jason Maas a Thank you. Jason Maas won the West Division Semi, NOT Ricky Ray. Jason Maas is Edmonton's future, NOT Ricky Ray. Jason Maas should start next week, NOT Ricky Ray. Good luck vs BC. And Burris, all's I can say is HAHAHAHAHA!

happy , are we? :lol: :wink: :smiley:

Maas did amazing, he was great and should have started the whole game.

Having two bona-fide starters at the QB position pays off…

qb controversey, or not.

yeah, Jason did a great job but who won the other 11 games? you cant just give the credit to Maas because Ray had a part in this too. Rickys going to be back with us next year and I truly hope Maas is back too. hopefully we can keep both in training camp and then trade whoever isn't performing... But THANK YOU MAAS for sticking with the Eskies and the fans and the team throughout the years. it must not of been easy for you getting your job taken away constantly but youre truly the classiest football player I've ever seen and I hope you retire an Eskimo.


Maas should have been starter the entire season. I respect what Ray did for us, but I think we'd be hosting a west final if Maas was starter. Great effort by the entire team. And Maas better be starting against BC in the west final.

Maas is a very classy guy.

Just compare his attitude to Casey Printers' this season.

'Nuff said.

Esks123 cant agree with you more, exactly the same thing I have been saying all year long especially the last month during Ricky's cold spell. Even though the rumour has the Jason deal to Hamilton as "supposedly agree upon" at year end, I would not trade Jason.

I sure as hell hope those rumours aren't true. I'd rather see Ray leave than Maas. But if we could keep them both for next season and actually utilize both throughout the regular season, we'd be almost unstoppable.

I am not sure you will be able to keep both. Jason has been total class in the unfair backup role all year long. Being a total supporter in front of the media as back up, unlike a certain Casey Printers in BC. But, I did read earlier in the season how Jason said he would not want to be the same back up in 06. Why should he. Which now begs the question and is I suppose a though decision for management over the season as to who to keep I know who I would.

I'd keep Maas in a heartbeat. Despite some of his impressive stats, Ray has looked average at best throughout this season. I hope the Esks organization does the right thing in the off-season, and rids our team of our average player with a very high salary.

Agreed, a tough decision it will be too. Right at this moment, I guess you give the edge to Maas. I still think Ray is and has been injured, he got hit a lot this season. He just hasn't thrown the ball with any authority and it has affected his accuracy.

On the positive side for Ricky, he is only 26 and that is an unbelievable age for a QB. Isn't Jason 29 going on 30? Most QB's do not mature until their early 30's.

You're right, Maas is a few years older than Ray. I think Ray needs some more time in the CFL with a different franchise to improve upon his game. In five years if he worked hard i think he could be amazing.

I don't agree that we'd be hosting the West final, we won a Grey Cup in 03 and we couldn't even get our record above .500 in 04 with Maas in... Now he's a great quarterback don't get me wrong but you can't say we've benched an all-star QB...

Now you look at this and who starts next week... Ricky has had some success against BC but isn't performing as well as he could be lately and Maas is hot right now. At first I said give the ball to Ricky but now I think letting the QB with the hot hands play would be best.

You guys in Edmonton can probably answer this, but does not Macioca like/favour Ricky over Jason. For winning the Grey Cup while he was OC and the year after. And thats why he has stayed with RR for so(too) long this year.

Maas started the season a little tender after his off-season surgery, and they decided to keep playing Ray once Maas was 100%.

As for next week - what excuse could the coach come up with for benching Maas against BC next week?

He'll probably say that "Ray has found success against the Lions this year", referring to his two previous wins against them. Ray is cold and looking average right now. Maas is playing really good and looking phenomenal. Personally, I think DM would be a complete moron to start Ray.

Wouldn't that be potential suicide for a head coach while in the playoffs. For not going with his meal ticket, the hot QB that just got the team into the next round?

I'd let Maas start and if he isn't effective then let Ray have another go at it vs. BC.