Thank you Jason Johnson!

Again, the Esks lose a game because of something so fluke!

In all likelyhood, they never should have been that close.. the Lions let them stay in this game!

Except for near the end there, the Esks offense looked pretty low and pretty sad..

Thank god for their defense!

even with that fluke they should have had enough time to go for the kick again if the coach made the right call.

this has been to many bad calls and edmonton had fired ppl for less.

make the call and get rid of mcmistakea

Machokie isn’t the only problem, the EE recievers, RB’s, and O-line SU.CK big time.

The only saving grace to this horrible season is that we only need to come up on top of the Riders. Which shouldn't be too hard to do.

With all the dissapointments this season I've gained some insight on what it's like to be a Rider fan. And let me tell you, it's pretty crappy.

Once again talking trash in the esks forum. I thought this wasn't allowed. And that last play was DM's fault all the way. You either call a TO and try the kick, if botched you still have another shot. Or they should have run the ball at least once more with 16 seconds left. THIS IS GETTING FUCKING RIDICULOUS, FIRE DM NOW!

Trash talking? Where?

Thank you for the gift!

Normally I would shed a tear and show some sympathy, but I recall (far too many times) Tom Wilkinson and Warren Moon, breaking our hearts on last minute drives and plays to beat us when it looked like we had games in the bag.

Thanks again for the gift!

One problem with compairing yourself to one of us Rider fans. You have to go through 17 years of dissapoinment, before you can truly understand.

Wait till the season is over, the Esks have time to pull it together yet, and as a Rider fan, I’ve seen way too many times, so I do not feel safe what so ever.

No safety until it becomes mathamatically impossible for the EE to make the guys better work your a$$es off and keep winning!!

excuse me--KEEP winning?? they gotta start first--wait, um, no they don't... 8)

I think it's getting pretty obvious that both Maas and Muchchoka are still trying to recover from a broken heart. And that takes time.

Riders are playing very well here.. so what if it was Hamilton! they killed them both times!

Calgary is hot! don't be surprised if calgary goes 2-0 here during Labour day.

It's not that difficult to beat a team that turns the ball over 8 times, and only manages to put up one or two singles on offence a game.

Wow 'EE like a rider fan don't you feel dirty! Take another shower man!

why dont we make a trade here…

how bout mike quinn for jason johnson? :smiley: