Thank you Hamilton fans!

Thank you HAMILTON fans for buying 2,000+ tickets , so far , to the 2007 GREY CUP in Toronto. :thup:

WOW, they only need to sell less than 10,000 tickets for a complete sell out of 54,000+ :thup:

I can't wait to see what the entertainment is? :thup:

I will be voting for both Toronto and Hamilton this year.

5 of those are mine :thup:

I got ten!

Who's got the other 1985?

i have 10 far.

I bought 4 :thup:

I'm also a GC virgin so I'm excited about the festivities and the gane :smiley:

Sitting pretty with 6 :cowboy:

I've got 2

Well they sure are selling out fast.

All of this after just 3 day of sales to the public with out even having a major press conference to announce the entertainment.


ive got 10 aswell.

I've got 2 and it's also the first GC for me so I can't wait.

We still haven't got ours but I am hoping to get them by the end of this week. As soon as our income tax money comes in.

I got my 2

hey caiteag,
you might be too late.
Tixs are going REAL fast.
Move on it soon.

2007 Grey Cup tickets are now available to the general public and can be purchase through the Hamilton Tiger-Cats main business office.

For more information, to located specific seats and save on the usual ticketmaster processing fee please contact:

Peter Hawryluk
905.547.2287 ext. 305


Brian King
905.547.2287 ext. 307

As soon as the government hands over my tax money.. I will.

You people are great , and these comments are from a hated ARGO fan. :lol:

I don't care who is in this game as long as it is either TORONTO or HAMILTOM. :thup:

I want the Toronto pro NFL media to eat some big crow! :rockin:

By the way , I have bought 4 GREY CUP tickets myself.
2 in the 200 Club Section [very expensive] and 2 in the 500 level. :thup:

I can't wait to hear what the entertainment will be. :cowboy:

There are only SINGLE seats left for the cheapest seats at $94. :thup:

And not many of those left.

So if you want 2 tickets together you have to go to the next highest price! :thup: :rockin:

There are a limited number of $94 each double tickets left in the 522 section , but they will not last. Except , for some singles at $94 are the cheap seats are gone. :rockin: :cowboy: