Thank you Hamilton and B.C.

I was hoping for an exciting game but sure did not expect overtime. The old ticker almost stopped. This was the kind of game where both teams were fully deserving to advance. And quite frankly despite Montreal's stellar regular season record, both B.C. and Hamilton would be up for the task.

Some sensational plays by both teams- especially by those receivers. Hamilton will be a team to be reckoned with next year for sure with guys like Cobhead, Glenn, Stala, Bruce Floyd et al.

Congrats on the win, both teams are great but the Lion's just wanted it more.Good luck in Montreal :thup:

It was a heck of a game and despite the loss, I feel no letdown. We had a great season and in our playoff game we scored 11 unanswered points in the last 4 minutes to tie the game... Can't complain about that. And IWS was the craziest I've seen it in years (even better than Labour Day).

You BC fans are a classy bunch, we'd rather lose to you then WPG or TOR who would never let it go (Montreal fans are pretty good actually).

Hope you beat Montreal, I'm cheering for you guys now (because if you win the GC, at least we can say we were beat by the eventual GC champs).

It might be that BC wanted it more. Maybe it was experience that made the difference. This was a playoff game, and one team rose to the occasion, and the other did not.

Congrats to the Lions, you were the better team. Good luck to you in Montreal, I am getting a little sick of seeing the Als in Grey Cup games. :slight_smile:

:thup: Good luck in Montreal. Hope to see a full contingent of the Booze Brothers in the Grey Cup Parade.

Can't complain about that. And IWS was the craziest I've seen it in years (even better than Labour Day) by Catsfan

For sure! Watching it on TV it sounded like one of those college Bowl games in the States.

I must admit, I got a kick out of the loonies running around the field from the stands. I sort of miss seeing that at B.C. Place Stadium where the Lions play. I remember when Lui Paslaglia, the Lions place kicker and punter was given a retirement/recognition ceremony after the game. At some point some idiot ran out onto the field stark naked. You could see the family jewels flopping all over the place all the way from the upper deck and was absolutely hillarious- though something the children should not be seeing. The funniest part was watching out the security officials [both genders] begin to move in on him and take him down. The crowd went crazy with excitement at the moment of the take down. When they got the guy into a arm lock or head lock they added a little "extra" for good measure.

Fans who do that in B.C. get a $1000 fine, are jailed for the night and banned from future games for life.

I'm assuming you're male...

You were looking at the family jewels flopping all over the place??? :? :lol:

Yesterday I watched the Yates Cup Game (OUA Football final) from my girlfriend's balcony. There were no more than 6000 people there, but just listening to the cheering from the stands added a whole new level of excitement to the game. I was supposed to be doing other work (which is part of why I was not actually at the game), but I just couldn't sit down for more than 30 seconds with all that cheering. I should've just gone to the game. Just like today's semifinal game, yesterday's OUA game was a nail-biter, right down to the last seconds of the game.

I could only imagine what it was like to watch this one. No TV at home, though, and they were playing the audio from another game at the sports bar, so I couldn't hear the screaming fans, just watch.

Even though we lost I think it was one of the best games I have ever seen. To bad we could not run the ball a little more effectively, it would have been ours.
Thrilled to see Kevin throw for 430+ yds. Awesome effort, great comeback to go into over time.
We were in section 9 and we all thought #88 was not going to hang onto that touchdown pass, great hands man. What a catch!!
What a team, next yr. we will be fighting for first in the East.
Hopefully Ottawa brings a team to add a little more excitment to the league.
Great game Hamilton, great crowd.
Doc 8)

We couldn't run the ball because we didn't use enough screen passes to Cobb and maybe others. An often overlooked aspect of offensive strategy, cost us today. Poor coaching.

rotf Yep and a person would have to be blind to miss the show. But the good old binonculars did help a little! lol

Ditto! I'd love to see Ottawa back in the CFL. It would be nice to see another team [Halifax perhaps?] as well. The CFL is great Canadian tradition.