Thank you Gades!

I would like to thank the Gades for handing the lowly roughies their 5 consecutive loss! I'm from Saskatchewan and I'm loving every bit of this (GMAOROTF). It's good to see the masses of roughie fans getting their noses rubbed in another well-deserved loss. Well, here comes another week-end filled with crying and sobbing in Saskatchewan.

But on a positive note, nice to see things going well for the Gades. Good defensive effort from their D-line and secondary. I hope Ottawa continues their winning ways. Congrats, Gades!


It is sort of moronic nearly every fan in the CFL waswriting off the Gades and now they are proving every one wrong. Good work Gade fans liked how you brought excitment to your game. Congrads on the win. Some of the Rider fans were saying playing the Gades wasa garaunteed win well it proved that they were right but for the Gades. Take Care and good luck for the rest of the season.

As hopeful as I was that the Gades would be a good, competitive team this year, if you're not at least somewhat surprised by their performance so far, you just weren't being honest with yourself.

And who cares what any so-called expert thought at the start of the season? The only thing that matters is that this is a good team that is fun to watch and the players work their tails off. Not much more you can ask for.

Should be a great crowd for the next home game Sept. 8.

The defense really stepped it up in the last 3 minutes of the game. Sask looked like they had a good drive going but the Renegade defense stood their ground and came up with the interception. The boys are starting to gel together. It's awesome!

Wow. What a huge win for the Gades.

Not only does that put some temporary seperation between the other three teams in the also helps a bit in eliminating a possible west-crossover.

Still a ways to go, but it doesn't look like Ottawa will have to worry about Hamilton OR Sask OR Wpg...and that means PLAYOFFS BABY!

Good stuff ther Gades !!!! But the Defence saved the day, on unlike Winnipegs D was close to doing....wouldn't count the Bombers as a free 2 points either....