Thank you for the warm welcome!

After being re-introduced to the CFL, thanks to the boredom and immaturity of the NFL, Now I need to find a team to adopt :smiley:

Being from Iowa in the Midwest, the closest CFL teams to me are the Riders and the Bombers. As soon as I get to look at the 2009 CFL schedule, I plan on coming up north to hopefully catch both teams at home. I figure, if players can be imports, why can't fans?

The other day I made my first post here and the responses have been very helpful. I spent most of the weekend on watching CFL games. I'm still trying to learn the fine points of the game. I was watching one of the games and I got to see my first rouge LOL. I know that may sound petty to some of the hard-core fans but for me, a brand new fan of the CFL, every simple play is a learning experience.

I've never been to Regina nor Winnipeg, so any advice I can get about those two cities will be most helpful. I plan on coming up during the early part of the season while the weather is still nice. I hope to get the full experience of the CFL while I'm there.

Once again thank you for the warm welcome to the forum and good luck to all the teams in the Grey Cup playoffs.

Jon W. Burkholder
Davenport, Iowa USA
New CFL fan

Wear a can proof vest if you go to Regina and a hard hat. All kidding a side both fan bases will be give you lots of fun. In Regina you will probably watch the fans more then the game LOL.

Have you ever even been to a game in Regina Redwhite?? After those comments I highly doubt it.

You will have a great time in either place Jon. I would just advise you not to sit in section 28 in Regina, they never sit down and there is some shenanigans that go on. Unless that is your bag, then go for it. (think of the Dog Pound in Clevaland).

If you're going to a Rider game get your tickets early!

If you’re closest to Regina and Winnipeg, then I’d suggest going to either the Labour Day game or the re-match the following week. It’s a pretty good rivalry, and I’m sure you’d have lots of fun.

As for the rouge, that’s one of the things I love about the CFL, there are so many ways o score.

iunno fans in mosaic are to stand up sit down. me at my bomber games i stand when my team is offence, and then pound the benches while on defence. at mosaic they seem to sit down inbetween everyplay, and then stand up as the next play developes. its actually very annoying.

Hey Jon, As an American CFL fan, you may be interested in the book "Rider Pride on the American Side" written by Terry McEvoy who's from Minnesota (no affiliation). It's basically the story about how he became a CFL, along with his family and friends. It's a good read. His website is
BluesMan from Ottawa.

I was gonna say welcome, until you said you like the Bombers! :twisted:

But because you like Saskatchewan also, welcome :wink: