Thank You for Marcel Desjardins

TiCat fans thank the Montreal Allouettes for the great training they provided to help Marcel Desjardins become the Tiger Cats most recent General Manager.

Do you have a vacancy on your staff for Ron Lancaster?

You're welcome. Either way, he won't help them out at all, cause the Ti-Cats stink. Send Lancaster over.

Well - as much as this hurts to say being an Alouettes' fan since 1972, Hamilton has, at least, won one game more than the Alouettes have over the last 6 weeks... :wink:

As for Lancaster... I don't think that he could add much to this team. We already have one big stinker in Matthews!

yeh we do stink, but we beat the bombers, calgary and eskies:) lol

I don't think Hamilton stinks (the team that is... can't comment on the air quality! :slight_smile: The talent is there but there have been far too many mental mistakes and turnovers. The real problem that Hamilton seems to have is losing their motivation too quickly when something fails, they sag and disappear.

If a new coaching staff can develop better cohesion and communication within the team and finally find a more creative offensive coordinator, Hamilton will be dangerous, especially with Corey Holmes locked up and if Jason Mass can find his rhythm. This year is a wash out but next year has potential...

our coaching staff really plays a big part in the motivation factor, thats why we are always so down, if u were to look on the sidelines jerome earman and somtin kavis reed r always shakin there heads and what not, not very encouraging if you ask me, but when a teams got a guy like pinball whos always around his player smilin and happyyou creat a very strong team