Thank you Eskimos

Hey Guys

I am a Rider fan and yes I am dealing with the loss today.
However you guys did bring some joy to my day today by beating Henry Burris.

May you never ever win a grey cup, henry.
For the rest of this years playoffs, I am an Eskimo (Then I am a Riderfan again).

Thank you Eskimos and thank you Jason Maas

Like I've said all year, I like the Stamps but I can't stand Burris. He's great in the regular season but can't seem to get it done in the post season. Too many mistakes as usual.

Everyone speaks so highly of Burris all the time, but he's really done squat.

Sure he has his flashes of brilliance now and again, but I see no discernible difference between his career and Nealon Greene's.

Cheers to the Green and Gold. We'll see you on the coast next week. Tell your coach to start Maas. Tell Fleming to wear ear plugs. We'll have a smashing good time. SMASHING!!!!

Oooooh, I just got the shivers... this is gonna be good. LOOOO Have Mercy!!!

should be a great game.....