Thank You Eric Wilbur

Id just like to thank Eric personally for all he did for the Tiger Cats, he is truly a class act and i wish him nothing but success in his career and indivors! :thup: Eric always treated his fans with the upmost respect and always took the time to talk to them, weather it was on the field or off or even on facebook, he always responded and that to me is a true player! :rockin: Thanks again Eric, ill will forsure stay intouch with you and God Bless! :thup:

I'm very sad to see Eric go and would like to think him as well. Great guy. Hard worker and a true asset to the team. I wish we could have kept him. I wish him all the best.

I would also like to say thanks to Demonte Bolden. He worked hard for us and is a very nice guy as well. All the best to both of them.

I'd too like to thank Wilbur for his contributions to the Cats, i loved watching him run for that first down (epic), and I always loved watching him get his nose dirty on kick coverage

good luck in the future! You'll make some other team very happy with your abilties!

Very good player, tough to see him go.But in the end it's a great thing that almost all if not all of our cuts this year have been really hard decisions to make.

Good post!

I Rrrrrrreally hope that Wilbur catches on somewhere else in the CFL. I'd love to watch him play again. I'd hate to see him go down to the UFL.

It’s a shame to lose such a loyal Player,when a KR smokes by Medlock, we will wish we kept him.

Bye good buddy!


His punting average was healthy. Those field goals last game of 41 and 49 yards had my vote. We learned from last year that accurracy is critcal and he had the aim and distance. We know Justin's got the target in sight, I hope he can give us the yards too..

I wish Eric and Demonte well. You were both fun to watch.

I would have bet money one of the two would have found their way onto the injured list; its a sign of strength on a team when you can a tough, experienced, performing player go. I hope Edmonton is on the phone with him soon; I don't think Derek Schiavone has the leg to go over 40 yards consistently.

Not having kicked field goals since high school, Eric sure gave it a good shot at catching on here

He worked hard on his field goal kicking this off season and became a triple threat man.

Justin Medlock just has too much experience, college and pro, kicking the important 3 point kicks.

His gung ho play and his an enthusiastic upbeat personality sure were a contrast to Sandro’s last year

I will miss him. I hope he catches on somewhere. If not in the CFL, the NFL wouldn’t be a bad place. :wink:

I think should Kept Eric he had better leg ..

But Thanks Eric

Your chapter in ticats History was way too Brief

YES YES YES ONKNIGHT! Its excellent when we finally agree on something! :thup: I also thought Eric was the best choice, but then again thats why you and I are not the GM! I have faith in Obbie! This will be the team that brings us the Grey Cup in 2011!

Could they not have kept both? When they expanded rosters a few seasons ago, the option of having specialists for both punting and place-kicking would become more common. Medlock is a more accurate kicker but Wilbur is an outstanding punter with a very strong leg for kick-offs. Would have made for a great kicking game. :?

Then who do you cut instead? Thigpen or Williams? :?

How about players with lesser roles like Smith, Johnson, or Thomas

Like many others here, I don’t usually get excited about players who only specialize in punting. But Wilbur was an exception to that rule. We knew we had to let a good P/K go, and that player had to be Wilbur. I expect him to land on his feet somewhere. A player as good as he is should.

I may have first become a fan of his with that tackle of Owens to seal our first win at the Dome last year. You can see a clip of that on the play starting around 5:30 of this video:

Too bad I couldn’t find a clip of him getting us that FD on Labour Day. Oh well.

And you had to like that post on Twitter from him after he learned he was released.

Thanks, and good luck to you in the future, Eric. Except maybe if/when you play against us. :slight_smile:

Your suggestions are 3 starters. (Or, at least 2 starters, plus one injured player who will likely end up starting when he’s healthy.) Cutting any of them likely requires replacing them with another import.
Thigpen & Williams will likely be the other 2 designated imports, besides Medlock. That’s who’s roster spot Wilbur would take, not an import starter.
Come to think of it, one of those 2 might not even be on the active roster anyway, if they decide to go with an extra import DB as one of their DI’s. Either way, keeping Wilbur pushes one of those guys down the depth chart.