thank you Dante!!!!!!!!!!

I just read in the Hamilton Spectator today that your player Dante Marsh came into the Ti-Cats locker room and gave the guys a pep talk after the game.
That is probably the greatest thing anyone has done for our team all year.
I dont know alot about Dante Marsh but he must be a great person to care about another team like that.
How many guys do you know that would address another team after a horrable season?Icant think of any...
Anyways from 1 Ti-Cat fan Iwould like to thank you Dante for doing that for our team when they were probably down in the dumps after another dissapointing season........

Do you have a link? I would like to read that.


look under sports
than go to ti-cat notebook

Thanks Toddking. Interesting article.

Dante ... props!

Prolly saying hello to his bud ... Sam Young too

Yes, Dante is a great guy, I should know......he is my son.