Thank You CWHM!

Thanks for the flypasts this season. The "hot" pass by the B-25 today capped it off nicely.

Hope to see you flying over IWS in 2007. The Museum is truly one of Hamilton's gems.

"Per Ardua Ad Astra"

I'll second that. Hope I'm there when the Bolingbroke gets its first fly-past!

I have to agree that these flypasts are something I look forward to each game. Living beside the Hamilton Airport myself, we get to see these classic planes in flight over our homes all the time and we all get kind of attached to them. So it gives me real pleasure to see all the fans at Ivor Wynne enjoying the hard work by all the volunteers that go into restoring the planes.

I absolutely love the Warplane Heritage Museum and recommend everyone get there for a visit.

Here's a photo from "Caiteag" (Cara), our resident "photographer", of the Mitchell Bomber that cruised over Ivor Wynne last game....(nice pic Cara!)