Thank you Coach Sal...

Thank you Coach Sal...
Coach Our Oline was knocking people off the ball.
Your Coaching so Far has made one heck of Difference

Keep it up..
Thanks for doing a Great JOB :thup:


I just finishing Reading a Front page story on Coach Sal ..

here is a Quote"
what might Salavantis think about sticking around for longer than his seven-game relief appearance?

"I'd consider it if it were here in Hamilton," he says. "I feel I have a lot to offer."

Which sounds like the coaching bug is starting to bite already."


Great job by the o-line. Coach Sal, you made that group look sharp. Cangrats and keep upi the great work.

8) It's Coach SAL, not Sel !!!!!

Thanks I fixed it..

8) Thank you !! I do agree with your thoughts regarding Coach Sal, he is a good man !!!

no problems..

Thank You Coach Sal!!You definitely made a positive difference in tonights game.Too bad you do not have a professional Qb behind you to help out.Maybe a o-line man can throw deep and let Maas watch how it is done!!!!!

Thank you, Professor.... you've proven the 'Cats CAN have a running game.

George Hudson missed a crucial block, FIRE SAL.