Thank you Coach Dave Easley

I will miss Coach Dave Easley
I am shocked to see him not on this years staff.
I want Thank him for his Time Here and Wish him Luck moving on

I have a feeling that Greg Marshall has plucked him from our staff and that's why he's not here anymore. Probably why they put Miller in to fill the hole.

I hope you guys are right that Easley was brought over to Saskatchewan by Greg Marshall. If not, then that would mean that Marcel Bellefeuille released him to make room for Brad Miller, just to appease Miller for not having given him the vacant DC positon. If that's the case, then I say shame on Bellefeuille. If not, then I would really like to hear the real reason why Easley is no longer with the Ticats. None of my friends nor myself have ever suggested that Easley be fired for any reason. I can only imagine the feeble excuse that Bellefeuille will have for this one! :?

Maybe cuz he couldn’t make 19 yard FGs???

I personally would like to thanks Dave also, he "Dave" ALWAYS took the time to come over and talk to me even if it was just to say "Hows it going how was your weekend", he was an upstanding gentlemen and will be missed by many! All the best to you Dave in your future with the CFL, there is no delt in my mind you will help bring a CFL team to the grey cup! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES BUD!!!



X 4

I really liked what he did with out ST for the most part and wonder if it was his decision to leave. I wish him the best and thank him for all he did for us.