Thank You City Of Hamilton

I have been a season ticket holder for 25 years. Thank you city of Hamilton for my first parking ticket on King street at 8:05 pm during the game. Never have a got a ticket for parking at a expired meter. Never. And your' re putting the stadium WHERE? How desperate is this city getting?
Thank you again CITY OF HAMILTON

If it's any condolence to you regular, I attended Wingfest one year down where the Discovery Centre was (now a restaurant), very tight in there. Got a ticket parking on the street in a 2 hour spot think it was. Wasn't impressed. They want people to go to areas like that that aren't out in the burbs, getting people to come downtown or close to downtown and the ticket people for these events. I guess that's the way this city works though. :roll:

They can try and force public transit on everyone or close to everyone in an idealized world but that's just not the way things work in the year 2012 where most people with some disposable income still like to drive their vehicles.

So you park at a meter, don't pay or put enough money in to cover the time you need and you complain about getting a ticket? Sorry but that's your own fault. The metered parking is supposed to be for the businesses along King street. There is plenty of free street parking available.

Don't see why you are blaming the city for doing their job.

That's what I was thinking!

Im assuming you are complaining because you got a ticket incorrectly and that you parked in a proper spot and for the right amount of time. If that's it, fight the ticket and plead your case.

If not, I am not sure what your trying to say here... are we allowed to pick and choose when we break city by-laws...

I parked on a side street just off of Barton Street. The signs said free parking after 6PM, we pulled in around 5:45. Every car parked on the street had a driver sat behind the wheel until 6PM, and then everyone got out of their cars at the same time. It’s obvious that the people that go to Ticat games and do the on-street parking know the rules and don’t take any chances when parking near IWS.

So you got away with it for 25 years (without a ticket) and you're complaining?

Lets do some math... $50 parking ticket spread over 25 years = $2/year. At 10 games a year that's $0.20 per game. Not too shabby if you ask me. :rockin:

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