Thank you Chip Cox!

To my knowledge, no. He came in and immediately filled that SAM linebacker position. He was a beast for the first few years, but his game went south relatively quickly. By 2006 he wasn’t the same player, and that last stint he had following Matthews to Toronto did not go well. Makes me respect Chip’s legacy even more. Most players are lucky if they have a nice little five-year career. Chip broke into the league in 2006! Same year as Bowman. Both future HoFers.

Thanks for clarifying.

Chip was a quiet guy, led more by example. So hard to know if he would be interested in coaching.

Wikipedia lists him as a DB / LB … I think he was a backup/practice roster DB who became a starter when switched to LB as part of a trend from “traditional” LBs to more mobile LBs.

Not sure about Strickland, but Butler certainly did. Hamilton had him in the secondary and found him wanting so they released him. We picked him up and the rest is history. Loved it when Matthews sent him in on a blitz.

He could not have come to camp.
He is an unsigned free agent

Yeah, that’s probably accurate. I guess I meant that he never started for us in the secondary. When he got a starting spot, it was at linebacker.