thank you CFL

I was born and raised in BC and have been living in vancouver for ten years. I love the mountains and love the ocean. I married into a huge Saskatchewan family 4 years ago and now know how great that province is – it kicks ass.

I am a newbie to football and have only been watching it for 2 years first the NFL and then CFL. I love it. This is something that Canadians can be proud of. I even managed to end last season with going to the Grey Cup – what a game, what a league. Everyday this off season I have been reading and the regulars on the forum learning some and laughing at some of the sh*t that gets said.

So onto my point. This week my buddy and I were going to make this a true BC week and hit the mountains for a little snowboarding and then some surfing in the same week. Well I got real sick and only managed to get in a day at Whistler. The surfing is off this week. So I am at home sick and getting my daily fix. This week ain’t so bad after all – today is the CFL DRAFT! Thank you CFL for saving my patriotic week.

Long live the CFL

GO RIDERS – this is the year

Ignore statik, godd to have you on our side mlwilkey

go Riders Go

hey ive got one of those pics. but instead of ottawa its Edmonton

..glad to have you aboard wilkey, enjoy the season......

welcome CFL FTW! =P

welcome mate

I'm a newbie too. I can't wait for the season to begin
The Ottawa suspension was downer but I'm over it and looking forward to the future

As do I Rob As do i

Nice to read something positive once in a while.