Thank You CFL Ref - Again

Once again I would like to thank CFL refs for missing calls that may have effected the end of a game. The non-interference call on Miles whick lead to 7 points and the non- contacting the kicker call.

Would the Cats had won had these calls been made, maybe yes or no, but take seven points away and the score is different.

When a team is struggling, the calls always go against you. If the Cats complain to the league I am sure they will get the usual,

Your right. We are sorry. We'll try to do better next time. (Please keep this appolgy for the remainder of the year as you will need it again). Thank you for your understanding. The CFL Head Office.

Mind you the interceptions and fumble didn't help.

wow i've heard this how many years!!!

You are killing THE GAME!!

Bang on. If I am not mistakened, is not an official charged with the duties of watching for contacting the kicker on that play and NOTHING ELSE? How can he miss it when that is all he is looking for. I know, "oops, my fly is down, better zip it up. Darn, I missed another play. Gotta get some new pants" The only explaination I can come up with to explain why he missed that call.

Funny, Riders just got the ball back on a contacting the kicker call... where the hell was ours?

I give you the subway commercial…I made a bad call I will promise to make it up in the second half…oh crap did it to the same team again…lol

Bad call usually balance out over a season. Usually poor teams get more calls against them.

no one answered my question

I saw 4 things
1.1st. the hi-lites, Ray wasn't in..his helmet was not the ball.
2.Inteference on Miles
3.leg whip on Cauley on the punter

In answer to your question....I believe that the ref made a judgement call right or wrong it's his call.....sad eh??

Bang on. If I am not mistakened, is not an official charged with the duties of watching for contacting the kicker on that play and NOTHING ELSE?
8) The official that watches for that infraction, is the Head Referee !!
 In this case it was Jake The Snake, which is why no penalty was called on the obvious infraction  !!              <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Okay, normally I am totally against the refs but I am taking a different stand on this topic. There were some calls that didn't go Hamilton's way and there were probably a few things that didn't go Edmontons way as well.

In the end, the cats had a chance to drive the ball with a minute left and their timeout. Casey tried to pick up an extra yard instead of running outta bounds or sliding. This kind of play is unacepptable to me. I don't care about the INTs or whatever cuz he had a chance to win.

CP held the ball like a loaf of bread. He hangs on, we are still driving and have a chance!

To be honest, this just adds to my frustration and makes me not even want to watch anymore. It's hard enough to see these guys go out there every week and play their hearts out only to come up short, but knowing that there are going to be game-changing screw-ups by the refs makes it almost impossible to watch.

Yes we had chances to win and failed, but it is very disheartening to watch the horrible officiating that has a big impact on the game.

On the Ray touchdown....I thought the same thing...his head barely made the line, so how the hell did the ball make it.

I'm not going to say the ref cost us the game. But it's bad enough the other team beats the Cats, it's bad enough that the Cats beat the Cats. But the refs too.

I would hope that the team would send some tapes into Higgins and the league to lodge a formal complaint.

These poor Refn' games used too always occur out West
for the Cats.
We did get away with one blatant holding call.
On the Miles non call for pass interference by Baranachea the Ref was ducking down and that seems to be the reason he missed the call.
As far as Jake goes ,just retire man,.................

Things have improved over the past year with regard to how games out west have been called........
Jake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But in the end did they cost us the game?

  1. We couldn’t move the ball in the 3rd qtr, was that the refs fault?

  2. Casey throwing his 1st int to Goss, was that the refs fault?

  3. Not stopping the Eskimos on 2nd and 20 with less than 2 minutes left, then letting the running back waltz into the endzone, was that the refs fault?

  4. CP carrying the ball like a loaf of bread and doing a superman impression, was that the refs fault?

I understand that there were some bad calls but if you look closely there were probably a few things Hamilton got away with.

The refs didn’t cost us this game. Period! We gave the game away and the team was given a chance twice in the final 2 minutes to put this game away and we didn’t jump at the opportunity.

We have no one to blame but the talent or lack there of on this team.

That was the umpire. It's not his call, he's watching the line of scrimmage. One of the back officials (back judge, field judge, side judge) should have seen it.

I always say if a fan disagrees with the officiating, then apply for the job himself. It is a tough thankless task and though they make mistakes, I truly believe none are biased or crooked. Also no one play ever determines a game. All the other plays have a equal bearing on the game. I can post this exact comment each and every time someone complains about the officiating coting the team a game.

While it may not be fixed or criminal, it is sheer stupidity. These guys are blind, the CFL has the poorest officiating of any pro sports league.

I totally agree the Rae never got the ball to the goal line. It is beyond me how the refs could have called that a TD so quickly.

While I agree with the contacting the kicker penalty, the refs would argue the player was pushed into the kicker. Not in my view. But they make the calls.