Thank you CFL and Versus!!!

For all my fellow American CFL fans, Versus will be showing the entire Grey Cup Broadcast, pre-game to the Trophy presentation. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


Is this a one off involving the GC or could we see Versus carry the league next year.
Will the ratings dictate?

...I feel sorry for you guys if you have to watch our stupid Wendy's 'chicken sandwich' commercials....

That's the wrong chicken sandwich!

Hey I like those sandwiches! Commercial may be stupid, but Wendy's does make a damn good chicken sandwich. 8)

Better'n RANCH!!!

I don't know argotom. I sent them an e-mail yesterday and I haven't heard back from them. I've got my fingers crossed in hopes of seeing more CFL Football on Versus in the future.

Wow! Versus carrying the Grey Cup Game live. Finally someone has listened and is thinking there may be some CFL fans here in the States. Thank you so much Versus, I'll be looking forward to the game and may just buy a case of Molson Ice or Labatt's Blue for the occasion. Even though I'm an NFL fan first, I really enjoy and have for many years enjoyed the CFL and the excellent football that is played in the CFL. November 23, 2008 can't be here soon enough.

Versus was the OBVIOUS choice to air CFL games. Too bad it took to the final game of the season before the powers that be figured it out! :?

As one who's spoken with numerous CFL execs this season... FINALLY!!! THANK YOU! (peter griffin voice) THANK FRIGGIN YOU!!!!!!!!! (/peter griffin voice).

So yeah, anyone in North Carolina, or anyone who is coming through NC on Sunday - Grey Cup party at my house. Free whisky and beer for anyone who RSVP's a day in advance (just gotta have time to buy the stuff - hey, I'm a musician, and Sat night or Sunday AM rsvp's are too damn late, capice?).

Let me know... PM me.

Finally get a game on tv but I wont be able to watch it. I'm going to Montreal, first time to go to a CFL game, first time going to Canada. I'm very exited, can't wait.

Fianlly a lot of USA fans get to watch the CFL. Cheer on the Stamps to Victory I know one New Yorker that will be
Anthony Gargiullio they are going to win for you man. AG I wish you were there with your Team mates and I hope you enjoyed the BC games this year vs the Stamps. Also send a get well card to Jason Jimenez will ya.

I would just like everyone to know who is either visiting the U.S. or our American friends that the Grey Cup will be shown on Versus (Link- versus television listings) starting at 5:30p.m. on Sunday November 23rd 2008.

Well idk what station or w/e is doing this to have the Grey Cup viewed all across the states, but i say this is a great way to publicize the CFL. Goodjob to whoevers responsible :smiley:

Where can American's see it?