Thank you Cats on an Amazing year!

My family and I are Season Ticket Holders. My boys are 11 year old twins and are Huge Ticat fans and we had a great time this year and have renewed for 2020.
Here are my highlights

  • June 13th opening Day- Driving home right after the final play to get back home to Waterloo so my boys could watch the last quarter of the Raptors championship.
  • July 26th- Masoli goes down and our stomachs and hearts sank. Great victory , but still we thought the worst was yet to come
  • August 10th-Amazing 4th quarter comeback against BC.
  • In August we went on a road trip and saw them beat the Redblacks in Ottawa
  • Labour day-Beating the Argos
  • East Final-What an great game and fan experience

I expect this team to go to the Grey Cup in 2020.
Many people expect Masoli to be gone, but I am betting we keep both QB’s as Masoli, potentially , won’t be 100% until August.

All these people saying in the post-game threads they are done with this team need to take a deep breath and give it a couple of days.

Thanks TiCats!

I had a great year supporting and watching this team. Plenty of excitement and fun.

We have a solid team going forward.

Disappointed yesterday but I feel good about the future.