Thank You Caretaker!!

Bob, i just need to say thank you for keeping this team alive and in Hamilton, i get frustrated along with others about the constant negativity and squabbling that has gone on lately over the stadium, but i'd rather that than no team at all. Thank you for being the best caretaker in professional sports :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

Yes! Thanks Bob. These are hard times for the Cats. But come next year it will all be worth it and we owe most of the credit to you for saving the cats!

Much Respect!

The silent majority know your the best Bob. :thup:

Catfish, watch your spelling.

Unfortunately, there are nothing but hard times for this moribund franchise...

Grover M, watch your posts!

Yes thank you Mr Young, We fans and the team from the top down are not only going through the stadium debacle together , the team is 1 and 6 and last in Sacks :o

Now that is hard to take :wink: :oops:

This all will go down in history as part of the TigerCats Lore :thup:

red1eh season ticket Holder Upper West side_ Oskee wee wee

Amen to that!

Thank you Bob! Your truly a great caretaker. Win or lose, home or away we'll always cheer for our Cats!

Bob aka Caretaker , Red Hat and Mr X you da best owner in the CFL hip hip Hurray :thup: :rockin: :wink: :expressionless: :smiley:

one only needs to appreciate the millions upon millions Bob has lost on the Cats over the years to know truly how much he cares about the team and community.

Most businessmen would have run for the hills long ago, although Bob remains through thick and thin and for better or for worse in order to see the team through to the next generation.

He is certainly one of the most visibly charitable and magnanimous Hamiltonians during my lifetime here.

now that being said, let's get into THF and put up some sorely needed Wins galdarnit! :rockin:

Yes! Thank you Bob Young for assuring us that we have a team called the Tiger Cats to continue cheering for. Without you, nobody knows whether in 2014, we would have the football club that we love. Even with the current record, we are in a better place than any Ottawa football fan was over the last ten years.
And from what I have seen while visiting the construction site, we getting a beautiful new stadium all us TiCat fans can be proud of, and more importantly our players can be proud to call their home. Tim Hortons Field will be Bob Young's legacy. No other person of Earth should ever think of making that claim.

Thanks Bob We love you Man! :thup:

Thanks Bob, imo, you're the best owner in the history of the ticats, despite the misfortunes of the stadium delay. (Which has nothing to do with you or the Tiger-Cats franchise)

We will always be Ticat fans through thick and thin.

Quit it already. While I appreciate the compliments, thank you, they are wholly unnecessary. Being in a position to help resurrect our team has been a great privilege and pleasure. Our talented young Tiger-Cat team, and Tim Horton's Field are about to launch an exciting new chapter in Ticat history.

And don't worry about the criticisim, either towards the Ticats, or me, or yourself. As long as the critics restrict themselves to criticising my ideas or actions, it is fair game. But if they call a player or business office team member, or one of you, names in an abusive way it breaches our terms of use, and we can ask that poster to take an involuntary holiday from posting. Let me or one of the mods know if you see behaviour that crosses the line from criticism to abuse.

Keep in mind I've spent my career in technology. Compared to the grief us geeks level at each other, the level of criticism in these forums is pretty tame. :wink: