Thank you, Calgary!

I just went to my first CFL game today (BC @ Calgary) and I had a blast. Even if the Lions had lost I would've enjoyed myself.
I didn't see a single unfriendly fan, well.. I did see one. After the game when a bunch of Lions fans were cheering the players as they went to the changing rooms, there was a Stamps fan mouthing them off, but one of the bigger defencemen stopped and shouted, "Ima get my female cousin to whoop yo' ass!" that shut him up. :slight_smile:

Anyways, it was a great game, and I hope to go to more Stamps games. :slight_smile:

Wouldn't that be something if the Stamps lose to the Riders next week? Three in a row? Trouble in Cowtown? Time to shoot the horse; he's got hoof rot!

....Wouldn't that be something if your team lost to the Argonauts today? lol.....

.....hey Everblue, glad you had fun, it's not a bad place to take a game in and the weather was finally perfect.....good story about the loud mouth butt head too (I didn't know dariderfan was in town), sounds like he got put in his place....

Hey Everblue, I was in Calgary three or four years ago for a game. Found the fans great and the aroma of the tail gate Bar-B-Ques spectacular!

Yes those tail gate smells! Hmmm got BQ a steak now!