Thank you CALGARY....B.C. , clinches 1st place and you clinch second place :smiley:

Can you beat EDMONTON again , back to back , at home? That will be a challenge :smiley: GOOD LUCK! :smiley:

I don't think so, Cal really exhuted themsevels tonight. Edm will take full advantage of that.

I'm hope I'm wrong.

But we will have another BATTLE OF ALBERTA!...COOL!

indeed!!! To Calgary with much love (for the next two weeks, minus 1 day, at least)

From BC

See you in two weeks.

I'd rather have the Banjo bowl again in the POs like in 2003, but whatever. Battle of Alberta is just as good.

Burris $%^&s me over again. You win the bet fair and square hellothere, but the Lions did not earn 1st place by themselves at least.

I still don't know what I won , besides the bet. :wink: :lol:

Don't worry about it , it was by the skin on my teeth. :shock:

The play offs should be great and you do have...REMEMBER 1989.....same record. :smiley:

Don't under estimate the ARGOS......They have only won 2 in a row, once this season...BUT , they have yet , TO LOSE 2 in a row , this season...... :wink:

They only need to win 2 to be CHAMPS again , and B.C. , don't look as scary as before. :smiley: Montreal , scares me.

Thank you Calgary, at least I won one game and finished 1-3 for the week because of your victory over the Eskimos. However, beating them again next week will be even tougher than it was today. As I said before this has happened twice in the NFL that I know of, where two teams played the last week of the season and then the opening round of the playoffs. In both cases, the Dallas Cowboys and LA Rams, and the Cleveland Browns and Houston Oilers (With Warren Moon as the QB), both games were played in Dallas and Cleveland with the home teams winning the final regular season game, and the road team winning the playoff game.
I’m going on record as picking Calgary over Edmonton by 4 points, and for no particular reason other than insanity, I’m picking Saskatchewan over Montreal by 2 points. I’m also hoping Kanga doesn’t pick either team that I’m picking or else I’ll have to change my pick because they will suffer the “Curse of Kanga” and lose.
Just teasing Kanga!

Kanga has picked Montreal and Edmonton

Sorta like the Kiss of death by Drumming God LMAO.....this is exactly why I dont like predicting games in the CFL.....I would make a shitty Gypsy


Montreal: GOD I HOPE I'M RIGHT!!!!
Edmonton: GOD I HOPE I'M WRONG!!!

Congrats Calgary.
But i did want to see BC fall out of first after the 11-0 start.
But, I HATE Edm!
So, good job!

I would love to see Calgary beat Edmonton next week, then my 2 favourite teams could face each other under the Dome but in the same token, would love to meet the Esks again for the true bragging rights.

BC should send a thank-you pacakage to the Stamps :wink:

Maybe they will if the beat Cal in the West Final, THAT'S a proper thank you.

Thank you saved our butt...
Eskylo THANK YOU...Calgary your my hero...and as I predicted Burris will put Calgary into the playoffs...

Anywayz, im comin home to vancouver by thursday!!!...I cant wait to watch the playoffs!!!

Go my Lions Go!!!!

Eskylo...we will kick your butt in our dome!!! :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

This maybe a short lived thank you as the Stamps look like the best West team right now going into the playoffs.

The Stamps are the hotest team right now. Thanks Stamps for helping us out, but you may be the ones having the last laugh! Can't figure out whats wrong with this team right now. Washington is back in the secondary, can't use injuries as an excuse. McLoughlin is making most of his Field goals, so can't blame the kicking game. Our offensive line still sucks, and its been that way all year. Edmonton and BC have sure been a "Jekyl & Hyde" this year.

You can add the Riders to that group as well