Thank you Bryan Chiu!

Thank u for 13 great season with the Alouettes. U will be missed. :frowning:

Thank you. I admire players who can walk away at the top of their game! I hope you stay involved with the Als (Your family) for many years. Wow !

Thanks Bryan for being the anchor of the O-line for 13 seasons, and for being a real pro on and off the field.

Did Bryan give a reason why he waited so long to announce and is there any chance of coming back?

Says he really questioned himself while filling out his medical questionnaire. Jim and Larry told him to go and enjoy the summer with his family and they would talk when he came back... Brian is really an adopted son in Montreal. :thup:

Pray your leaving town too;
we have more than enough BIG babies
trying to run little old ladies
off Lakeshore Rd with their BIG machines...


WTF is wrong you, socially dysfunctional or what?

Thanks, Bryan, for all the years of peak performance. A class act, a great player, and a true ambassador for the game of football in Quebec. I hope he eventually comes back to the organization in another (non-player) role.