Thank You Boycotters and Hunger Strikers

I had lots of visitors today. I was just finishing my third I.V. (due to my Hunger Strike) when Bob called. "How are you doing?" He asked.

He told me he was pleased that the boycott and Hunger Strike roused the players and fans alike. He told me that all the boys had been fired up for days. "We will win it for the boycotters," yelled some players. While others yelled, "stkitsfan is on his deathbed for us, we have to do something!" And they did.

While I initially called for a boycott I backed down. Because I need to watch my boys play. Instead I sacrificed my body and soul for the boys. I would like to thank all other hunger strikers for putting their lives on the line for this team.

When someone tells you a boycott or death defing scheme is wrong, just remember France, The US, Ghandi did not bring about change without being radical.

The status quo is for all of the ex-coaching staff and cut players that refused to dig deep and improve. Real Ticat fans will do anything for their team including boycotts, drunken tailgating and not eating for a week.

Cats forever!

We all owe you our lives!

Someday we will have a national holoday named after you, it will be called St. Stkitsfan day and we will all be required to honour you with a moment of silence before going to the bathroom.