Thank you Bob

You know the one thing i have Really enjoyed under Bob young's era is the pregame flyovers 2 times this year we had cf-18 hornet flyovers and if that dont get u geared up for the game nothing will

at least they got the timing right on the second game

Have we seen the Lancaster yet? We need some good old WW II inspiration. Nothing beats hearing those Merlins thundering across the sky.

We did see RON Lancaster on the big screen which was very inspiring!

I keep thinking of this Moron telling that he wishes that we loss and not make the playoffs to save money on his ticket! MR .YOUNG ,I WILL NEVER WANT US TO LOSE,I WANT US TO WIN! Its a very smart way intrying to make us accept losing! I will never accept losing! :wink:

yup, nothing like extra waste of fuel for no good reason.

Perhaps hot-air balloons would be more appropriate?

Or the Hindenburg?

8) Or the CHML/CH Traffic Helicopter with Kimberly Fowler reporting could do the flyover !! :wink:

Hot air ballons, that's it!

What better use could there be for FYB's hot air
than filling up a dozen or so of those balloons. :roll:

That would certainly be better than him expending it
on smug, but oh so politically correct, words. :smiley:

Nothing personal FYB, I'm just
not big on political correctness

and everybody else was
having fun with this.

never mind the cf-18's and the hot air balloons-i saw a kid flyin a home made kite over at brian timmis stadium.

city legend

no problem at all, I expected way worse 8)

Airshows and autoracing and other frivilous usage and burning of fossil fuel is simple peeve of mine.

Peeve number 10659 I beleive. :lol: