Thank you Bob Young (and front office)

I really feel this had to be said amongst all of the frustration on this board.

No tiers, no raised prices, no extra fees, etc. I like many was preparing for the worst when the Mac announcement was made, but the email i received outlining the process for this unfortunate left me and my group of 12 pleasantly surprised. I have been critical of many of the decisions made in the past couple of years but this was a genuine customer satisfaction move, knowing the team will likely lose money in this situation. The discount on Mac tickets from your season ticket price works for everyone regardless of price point. The guarantee price protection is a massive move when many of us were expecting a price increase in 2015.

I personally dont blame the team for the stadium not being done, the rest of the debate about location, politics, etc has nothing to do with the fact that a date was promised and not delivered.

The only part of this situation that the team can't make right is that ALL season ticket holders will not be able to attend both (or all) games at Mac, and this is not the fault of the team. It is what it is, a situation many on this forum wanted last year anyways.

Thank you to Bob and everybody involved for a very fair and much appreciated gesture to the fans that have been quite patient with this situation.


Well said Crash.
Ticats fans are the luckiest fans in the CFL to have Bob as the caretaker.
Thank you Mr. Young

Ditto!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Amen from me, too.


Thank you very much Bob Young for sticking it out all these years to make the Tiger-Cats a financially sustainable business. It may not get there the way anyone expected, and the work involved may have been 1000x what was expected, but the Tiger-Cats are finally almost there. If there is a downward trend in season ticket sales for next year, myself and others will enlarge our groups by encouraging others to come out regularly. This is not the last straw that some are making it out to be, it's the last bump in the road before finally making it home!

Agree. Complaining and being negative is easy. Seeing the bigger picture it seems is very hard.

Certainly the right move to appease the season ticket base, and clearly a gesture that has myself at least very pleased with how they are handling it.

Good Job by Bob Young (Caretaker) and staff it's not the fault of the ownership of the Tiger-Cats or team this is solely on the IO Infrastructure Ontario and the Builders of the Pan Am Stadium in Hamilton, the Cats are strictly the tenants of the building and signed in for twenty years, just like Tim Horton's in buying into the name of the stadium as good sponsors and corporate citizens so very good tenants and should be looked after by the IO and the City of Hamilton, who also have played a role in this delay, it certainly does not fall on one person but on many and different departments and companies but certainly the Tiger-Cats and Bob Young and Tim Horton's have been very professional in dealing with the current situation.

My thoughts exactly. Although when the headline came across my news feed my wife and I couldn’t help but be disappointed, as first time season ticket holders. There is something to be said about how it is being handled.

Couldn’t have said it better.


I love BOB!

And -

Thanks from Guelph to our Ticats for being good campers, leaving only memories, by cleaning up their campsite from last year.... - as covered in today's Guelph paper.

"After a full season of calling Alumni Stadium home last year, the Hamilton Ticats presented $450,000 to the University of Guelph to put toward the expansion of the Athletic Centre. Somewhere inside the new facility will be a space dedicated to the Ticats in honour of the donation, but Kendall said it hasn't been decided what that space might look like.

Besides the monetary gift, (Tom Kendall, the university's athletic director) said the football club promised to return everything at the U of G back to the original condition it was found it in. For Alumni Stadium, this means replacing the grass where the temporary stands were placed, and replacing the trees that were taken down near the parking lot east of the stadium.

Kendall said it was university policy that for every tree removed, two more will be planted somewhere else on the property. Since the U of G master plan for Alumni Stadium will eventually have another building on that side of the field, the 30 or so replacement trees will likely be placed somewhere else. "

Oskee wee wee

Crash said it all... I'll simply add my thank-you too. :thup:

Words cannot express my gratitude :thup:

Nice post Crash :thup: I agree :thup: :thup:

Nothing surprises me with Bob Young and the Ticats...they have always gone out of their way to help the fans...every one of the staff...never, ever did I see an "I don't care attitude". :wink:

Impressive yes as Crash indicates, and also how it worked out with the Univ. of Guelph. That's the way these things should work! Thanks for that post Dan. :thup:

I wish I had of got seasons actually but as I've mentioned, my partner wife advised agains't it as part of the reason. Anyways, will try and find some tickets for a Mac game or two but I doubt they will be found.

I am a season ticket holder and I have no problem with what Bob did, but personally I have no interest in watching
the games at McMaster. I'd rather just watch them on TV and make my first game at Tim Hortons field. But I will be
very upset if they don't televise those games at McMaster.

Thanks for the compliments Crash and everyone, but I cannot tell a lie - none of it was my doing.
All of this was Scott Mitchell, Glenn Gibson, Matt Afinec, and their teams and approved by CFO Doug Rye. My contribution was to mutter something like: "We can't afford that, what are you guys thinking?!?"

Can they play O line too? :wink:

This reminds me of how Danny Mac used to talk in his playing days. :wink: