Thank you BC

First off - I am Not rubbing it in here at all. I appreciate all the great football that we seen today.

What I do want to say is that TSN's panel of superstars can kiss my a$$ as well as Mr. Walby. As for Walby, I will be so glad next year when TSN has ALL the games.

Congratulations on a hard fought game lions fans and I am sure that we will see you next year in the same game (hopefully in Regina this time though).

Go Riders!

wow its quiet in here lol. Anyways great game by two great teams, And it's going to be an awesome Grey Cup, all the teasing here was all in fun, now its party time this week and next, good game guys! and yes i'm glad i wont have to hear Walby anymore.

Yes, I appreciate the time I got to spend on this forum and this year, it is us moving on instead of the Leos. Next year is a whole new game again.
Thanks Leo fans.

lol, thx and all but the game wasnt that hard fought on the lions part unfortunately. it happens, you know "any given sunday"

yes grats on the win but what happened to 39000?

Lions did not show up today=Riders win. Only way they could beat the Lions!

I guess with Glenns broken arm should be an easy win for Riders next week, but I'm sure they will take whatever they can to end the 18 yr drought!


what happened to 39,000 yeah i should have known better the Riders were moving into town :slight_smile: when it comes to sports nothing is easy

Yup. Better team won. KJ is definitely MOP material. Congratulations to your team and your classy posts. I guess Riderville must be rocking tonight. Well, paint the town green folks, you deserve it. Wow. It's the Lil' House on the Praries Bowl. I really couldn't believe it would happen....

I like that lil" House on the Praries Bowl LOL

I don't know how a teams O-line goes down in the Western Final can be considered a great game. Sask must've had a genie on their side, freak accidents aside and the Riders be crying again how they lost.

This was the only way i saw Saskatchewan winning, a bunch of our key players get injured, that was the ONLY way you guys beat us. Anymore injuries and we'd have to call up UBC, hell we probably should've already that was ridiculous. But hey can't expect Saskatchewan to lie down and not play, it is part of the game, so with the injuries now in Winnipeg, looks like Riders fans can finally have a Grey Cup again, too bad you guys didn't get to play teams with their full lineups tho. Enjoy the easiest Grey Cup playoff win in the history of the CFL, every team you play gets injured, hahaha, you guys definitely won't repeat if you have to face a healthy lineup.

Yes it is too bad that the Riders had no injuries....Whatever....I usually don't like to post negatives, but I was quite happy with the Karma....Rassouli injured. That being said, however, I do wish him a speedy recovery.

Absolute lack of class on your part. Both teams had injuries all year long, and neither coach used this as an excuse, why should you now?

How about you go tell Wes Cates how good of a job he did running on a broken foot?

To everyone else, you guys showed tremendous support and certainly the crowd did their job.

I had a feeling that Wes Cates was gonna play. Same with Flick. Good heart, great determination, god-awful sore probably too.

Chick was on fire out there. Could have sworn our 97 switched sides…

Besides, the Leos had great field position for most of the 2nd half. I’d say 3 first downs and definitely in McCallum range. Just couldn’t get it done, not to mention 16 points of turnovers. You take a look at Calgary in the playoffs the past few years, they got eaten up by the turnovers. Not only are those points left on the field, but double whammy when the other team scores.

I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying the best teams capitalize and make you pay for your mistakes. Cliche yes, but case in point was last night. Maybe the papers are right, could be heart over talent… but I’m still gonna blame Jimenez…

Had a reply typed out for vanderfool, but then I noticed this is a BC forum.

Congrats on a good year BC.

You know you almost had me believing in your heart felt believe that Sask was the better team. But lets look at some facts.

Every game Sask has played BC in the last 4 years they have been able to get to the quarterback. Surprizing no.

Crying about injuries...Rassouli went out at the end of the 1 quarter Sask was already in the lead. By third quarter when the second lineman went down. The game was all but over. Saskatchewan had established controll both of the offense and defense.

Jimenez who became a distraction not only for team, became a distraction for the coach. He dressed an extra lineman just because he was afraid Jimenez would flip his lid again and he would be down a lineman early. Add to that the sense that the refs were going to be watching both Jimenez and Murphey extra close, meant they couldn't do their usual dirty plays.

Adding to the compounding factors of this game, the riders never complained about going into the game banged up and missing 1 starter and likely could go far with 3 other starters.

So don't whine and cry accept the fact you got your butts handed to you by a team that wanted it more.

9 points the game wasn’t over at all.

Mod edit: If you put it back, I’ll delete your posts.

Lack of class on your part to try and call me down when i have facts right here that prove i’m right 100 percent.

9 points and we got our butts handed to us, lol.

Did you hear me complain about any injuries other than the o-line? Never.

I’d like to see saskatchewan play with their 3rd string all year, and no o-line. Lol, you guys would be worse off than hamilton.

Oh yea, enjoy the grey cup win cuz if you guys lose i’m really gonna laugh, i hope winnipegs starting QB heals up for the game.

I heard about your injuries all year, and they weren’t even that bad, at one point of the year you had more guys out sure, but i’m talking about DURING a game, when you can’t CALL ANYBODY UP to replace. You guys won cuz of FREAK accidents, everybody knows the BC Lions are a 4th quarter team, its been that way since i DROVE to the grey cup in 2000.

Riders fans oh man, i can’t wait till next season when you have to play teams with a full lineup all the way through a game, i would never be talking so much trash (and i don’t think i did in 2004 or 2006) like you guys are when a team has a bunch of freak injuries during the game. again 1 player out in the 1st quarter and we weren’t losing it was 10-10 i’m pretty sure after the 1st and if not it was 13-10. Thats nothing man. Get a grip.

Don't you have a tee-off time :lol:

You are doing right there!
You make a statement and contradict it in the next sentence!

Vanhalenlhrband, think about what you are saying. You had a 3 string quartback in that 9 and 2, you cry about injuries.

Yes injuries are factor, no one is denying it. But it is not the reason you lost. You lost because BC had no heart or were over confident or were over cautious because Jimenez was going to be thrown out. It doesn't matter, Sask played harder as demonstrated by hitting...Hunt's hit on Clermont was one of the hardest hits I think I have seen all year.

Also as another note: in third quarter when your second lineman went down. You wouldn't have had another lineman. Wally specifically dressed an extra lineman for the game for in case Jimenez got booted.

For a team that allowed the second lowest sacks...they certianly didn't play like it. I wonder if the problems that game up were more to do with Jimenez and Murphey being watched closely and they couldn't cheat and play dirty.

By the way, you want to compare injuries who lost more starters. Go ahead. Do you want to compare a list of starters that were banged up and questionable for both teams prior to the start of the game go ahead.

But then again, we will hear the typical BC arguement...well ours are more important. Time to wake and understand, Saskatchewan wanted this game more, they played harder, controlled the game and never looked back.

We lost because we Calgaried ourselves. Too many turnovers, untimely penalties and finally when we get moving it's too late.

Good teams make you pay for your mistakes, great teams overcome them. BC was not the great team on Sunday. Guess who was.

Btw Mikejth, Hunt didn't hit Clermont... he hit a runaway freight train wearing #82. What a collision!

Canned Noise 2008!!!