There Blowing out the Argos..

Allen is Really Rusty...

Right on Knight!!

Seeing the Argos down 28 -1 in the fourth quarter is nice after hearing a few Argo fans gloat on here this morning.

Good therapy watching the Argos drag their butts on the field.

#2 Fletcher took a head shot at QB Dickenson.

Darren Flutie mentioned that #2 Fletcher of the Argos once took a helmut shot into D.Fluties ribs ,breaking three of them.

Dirty Fletcher or what!!

Looks like we are not the only team who is going to struggle to win this year.

Interstingly enough, one of the Argos main problem is the same as ours, a week offensive line. In the past they have been able to make up for this with their defense and exceptional special teams.

Not tonight!

I love those BC Lions!!!!

I feel much better now!!!

I feel for those fans who braved it and went to the Concrete Convertible for a chance to see an actual football game on the second-half of a Southern Ontario CFL doubleheader...

But hey, if you have to see another dud, THAT WAS ONE HECK OF A GOOD DUD! :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I know of one such brave fan. A friend of mine has seasons tickets for both the 'Cats and Argos. I think he said last night on our way out of the stadium that he hoped tonights game would be a little better. Two duds in a row, rather rare in the CFL. At least the Argos lost, and we are only 1 game behind. Hopefully Calgary will beat Sask. tonight to keep us close.

Gotta keep the playoff faith.