Thank you Bakari Grant!

Not something you see all the time, but prior to Grant, there were at least 4 of these “homecoming” retirements in the league this year:

Another thing to remember Bakari for… giving his TD-reception ball, the first (TiCat’s?) TD scored at Tim Hortons Field, to the Caretaker at the team bench.

Classy move…

And simply being an unusually physical player for a tall, lanky receiver. His downfield blocking was usually fun to watch, though he did get flagged sometimes. Very Hamilton though.

Having scored the first ever TD at THF (and giving the ball to the Caretaker on the sidelines - who, as I recall promptly fumbled the hand off, lol) kinda makes him a legend in my mind. Just like scoring the winning goal in the final 3 games in the 1972 Summit Series makes Paul Henderson equally a legend. Neither player has (or likely will) make the HoF but that does not detract from their achievements and what they mean / meant to their team (and in the case of 19 his country).

Bakari was one of the new receivers (along with Chris Williams and Aaron Kelly) who arrived in 2011 and were deemed promising enough to make Arland Bruce and Marquay McDaniel expendable.

I believe there was a point were Stala was the only veteran among them and had to do some serious mentoring, resulting in the others being nicknamed “Dave’s Kids.”

Think of how infrequently it’s done.

I stand by my words, I wasn’t trying to be insulting. No issues with Bakari as a person or a pro at all.

Having said that, his number one attribute to posters on here was his blocking.

Go figure for a wide receiver?

Last point because I’m sure everyone’s tired of my point.

If/and/or Luke and Brandon have to sign a one-day contract… I might have dust in my eye.

Me? I will have a full desert scratching my eye.