Thank you Bakari Grant!

Bakari was a great competitor. Glad to see he retired as a Cat. All the best in the future!

Signs a one day contract to retire as a TiCat!


“I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you to all of my teammates, coaches, every under-appreciated staff member that makes the football machine operate, and the entire Ticats organization, especially Bob Young and Scott Mitchell. I have so much love and appreciation for the CFL and for all the people I’ve met over the last eight seasons. I am forever grateful to the entire country of Canada that has afforded me an eight-year football career, two Canadian children and countless life lessons. I also want to take this time to thank all of my friends and family. Without their love, support and understanding, my football career would’ve never existed. Football has taught me so many lessons and I look forward to extending that experience into every aspect of my life moving forward. Last and definitely not least, I want to give a special thank you to the entire city of Hamilton. To the Tiger-Cats fans, you are amazing and words can’t describe how much I appreciate every person I’ve met, talked to, exchange stories with and learned from!
I’ve been on other teams but I will always bleed Black and Gold and I’m honored that I will forever be a Ticat. Oskee Wee Wee and one for the road, even though I know Bob Young wouldn’t approve, Argos SUCK!?

So he’s not playing Sunday?

No, it was a one day contract. ?

(BTW I understood your sarcasm and have officially one-upped you). ;D

Get ready to add a couple more + 1’s to your signature. Hopefully it won’t wear you out too much.

Ticats must be doing things right if Bakari wanted to do this 1 day contract. Not something you typically see in the CFL.

Congrats and thanks to him for a great career!

Argos do suck.

Coach didn’t like his blocking…starting McDaniel instead

He can’t play DB. Sinkfield gets the start.

The caretaker disagrees.

…like a Dyson.

Hot take: this should be reserved for a ticat “legend”.

Grant’s numbers don’t support it.

Nice gesture and all.

Can’t wait for DeAndra’ Cobb’s one day contract.

Relax. They’re not putting him up on the wall of honor or something. He was a decent player who was with us for 5 seasons. Bakari wanted to retire as a Ti-Cat and the team obliged with the contract. That clearly shows the mutual respect that Grant and the Cats have for each other.

I’m calm.

I’m not attacking the sentiment so much as the message.

If he joins the team in some capacity it’ll make more sense to me.

Can we all agree that Yeast deserves a one-day contract?

Seriously, classy move by the team.

I don’t disagree with your points.

My take is the organization must be doing things the right way if a guy that played here 5 years…not a short time but not a long time…and last time he played for us was 3/4 years ago (with other teams in interim), feels strongly enough that he wants to go out a ticat.

Players talk and word gets around, so it bodes well for the teams reputation when it comes to attracting and retaining players and perrsonal.

Don’t get what the issue is. Treat your players well and more will want to be here.

Just hope it doesn’t mess with our cap situation.

Grant catch in 2011 Semi…

There have been bigger catches in HAM playoff games…but not many.

He was one of the bright lights when our team was struggling. Something to build on.

A high character player…a player who appreciated the ticat folk lore and passionate fan base…unlike some other players who had their heads up their a…s., such as O’shea etc.

Good luck to him.