Thank you Arland and good luck to you

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUCE BOY I MISS YA :rockin: 2 TD'S and a new spark plug to the Lions , I will be watching every BC game this year :lol:

Gee...maybe he really was hurt.

9 catches 129 yards 2 TDs

Arland always starts out great with his new team.

He has something to prove right now.

I'll even bet he finishes this season very strongly.

But there will come a time, probably next season, where his ego will start to get the best of him again, and his exit from BC, much like his exits from Toronto, Winnipeg, Toronto again, and Hamilton before this, will not be pretty.

Hes your typical talented, but self serving, wide receiver.

5'11" 194 lbs 1977-11-23 Minnesota

No offense, but this is somewhat inaccurate. He left Winnipeg for an NFL tryout, and when it failed, landed in Toronto because the Argonauts outbid the Bombers for his services. As for the nature of his exits, the only things that weren't pretty were the offenses of the teams that left him behind. Winnipeg wasn't exactly an offensive powerhouse after he left, and Toronto still hasn't replaced him in their offense. In the case of Hamilton, time will tell. Right now, the Cats look good without him. But we'll see how the chips fall by year's end. It's quite possible that Hamilton will come out on the winning end with their young core of receivers anchored by Stala and Mann. But it's also possible that Bruce's absence will come back to haunt the Cats, just like it did his other two former teams.

Either he was really injured, or he gave up on the coach while he was here. If it's the former, then I widh him the best. If it's the latter, then he is about as unprofessional as a player can get. If I acted in that manner at work, I could be looking at jail time.

IMHO, a hamstring "injury" does not affect your ability to catch a ball that hits you in the hands...

Good points, Displaced.

I wish him well, but I think we're fine with our receivers.

Wally is pretty tough coach I don't think he will take any of Arlands guff, his time in BC should be very interesting. Every team Arland has left in the past he shown them he could still play at a high level. Arland is an entertainer and I think the CFL has been more exciting because of him. :thup:

Here is something I posted on August 4 in another thread. I have high-lighted the pertinent part. Way to go Arland!

Re: Bruce Traded to Lions

Postby Mikefrmthhammer » August 4th, 2011, 11:27 am
I have read everyone's comments so far. I am not surprised that there has been a lot of opposing views expressed. Ticat fans are some of the most passionate in the country. AB3 was a true fan favourite in the Hammer. Every player ultimately leaves his team either willingly or because of a management decision.

Before judging the deal too harshly, perhaps it would be prudent to see how AB3 does in BC. If he truly does light it up there are two possible reasons. Either he wasn't being used properly here, or he is putting out more effort in BC to show Obie he made a bad deal. We can all speculate, but only AB3 will know for sure.

If he doesn't do well, perhaps he is past his best by date. I'm sure his supporters would claim that BC sucks and that is why he did so poorly, but if he is still a difference maker he should, by definition, make them that much better.

Oh yeah, I like that whole slave name on the back of his Hamilton Tigercat jersey thingy.
Classy guy.

8) Aug. 23, CFL Offensive Star of the week, Arland Bruce.
 Nine receptions for 129 yds, and 2 touchdowns !!

  More receptions than he had in all his games with Hamilton this season !!

Says something, doesn't it?