Thank you Arland and good luck to you

I was hoping that the trade rumors were wrong as you had become a fan favourite. You joined the Cats when we needed you most and helped to turn this franchise around.

Good luck to you in your future and I hope you regain your form. You've always been exciting to watch. I had hoped that we'd be seeing you in a Ticat jersey for alot longer but such as life.

Good luck to him except when he's playing us. Hopefully the game here will be out of hand by the time he makes his first reception so we can give one last "BBBRRRRUUUUCCCCEEEE" without worry of a TiCats defeat.

Bruce served the Black Gold like a true professional the last couple of years. I'm glad to see him go to my favourite team in the west! Best of luck Bruce, I hope he lights it up on the west coast...unless hes playing the Black and Gold!

I'll give one last "Brruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccceeee!"

Best of Luck to Arland. :thup: He has the talent and and was a pleasure to watch and always had time for the fans! :thup:

He knew/we knew it was coming and hopefully he can help the Lions. :thup:

Stats and highlights say it better than I ever could.

all the best except when you play us.

I hate this trade
AB3 Good luck ..
Wally Took obie to woodshed on this deal ..

Too bad.....but it's probably better for Bruce to be in BC.
When he came to the Tiger-Cats they needed him badly. He fired up this team and played hard and well.
Now we have a lot more young talent and Cobourne...along with a different offensive system.
I am sure Arland will do well in BC as his career winds down.
Best of luck to him and thanks for the winning attitude he brought here when he arrived. :thup:

Wally Took obie to woodshed on this deal ..
One can only come to a conclusion like that if one knows [u]all[/u] the factors in the decision. Perhaps Obie is playing it wisely by not trying to bring in another "superstar" at this stage which can risk the chemistry of the team.

The Ticats are making some real positive progress right now and who maybe the draft picks are the best way to go.

I really like what Bruce did for the team in the last few years and his excitement seemed to inspire the whole franchise when it was sorely needed. But, things change as we know and if we knew the whole story, I bet we would agree with the logic of this trade.

All the best to Arland ! 8)

I went to practice yesterday and knew this was going to happen. Just didnt know what team. As i saw Arland leave the dressing room with his gear and cleets before practice even began. I did not want to post anything about that until it was official,... due to respect for the team. Arland will be missed by many, I so glad I got his practice jersey and he signed before he left! All the best to Arland "Reth" Bruce III, you will be in the Hall of Fame and NO one can take that away from him!! Thanks also for all those great plays you made, you are a CLASS ACT Arland! :thup:

We're all bowing down to you in envy. Sure wish I had the inside track on knowledge that you seem to "think you" have. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thanks for the memories Bruce and everything you gave the team. You will be missed, wish you luck in BC, just not vs us.

I wish you all the good luck in the future Arland except of course when you’re playing the Ticats.You were here when we needed you.

All the best AB3 :thup: sad day for me ,prove everybody wrong in BC

You can be sure I'll be joining you for one last "BBBRRRRUUUUUUCCCEEEE".

Good luck Arland.

Mr. Bruce...

Where do I begin?

As an Argonaut I hated your guts. Everything about you made me want to punch you in the face. You were the perfect Argonaut... easy to hate.


Probably because you were just so damn good and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

Then you were traded to the Tiger-Cats and I was a fan of yours the minute I heard about the trade.

You were an amazing Tiger-Cat and left a nice little highlight package for yourself. It was a joy to see you bringing them in for the Ticats and scoring all them 6's.

Now you're off to B.C.

Good luck. Play well (but not against us) and I will now be cheering just a little bit more for the Lions (when they're not playing us).

See ya Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruce!

Thank you Arland for your contributions in turning this team around.

Many of us have wanted to send thank you notes to Bart Andrus for every catch you made, but this thank you note is for you.

Good luck to you in BC, except when you play against us of course.


(I'm going to miss typing that in game threads.) :slight_smile:

Thank you for your great contribution to the Tiger Cats, Mr Bruce,

you helped us get started on a difficult path which will lead us

to a victory in a Grey Cup Game in the very near future.

If we win the Grey Cup this year or next, I consider you

a big part of the turnaround of of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

It's too bad you won't be here to share that victory.


Arland, came to town at a desperate time in this franchise's history

and for 2+ great seasons he played like the superstar he says he is.

IMO, he says this half in jest but he definitely believes it's true.

He "toots his own horn" but his career totals speak for themselves.

He is a cinch to get into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

"tooting your own horn"

your total career in the Canadian Football League speaks for you.

You are a cinch to be in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

Arland PS; forgot to add that you are now working for the most influential owner in the CFL a Mr David Braley and that if you put up the yardage this year that you will get an inside deal of re-signing with two teams next year $$ BC or the Argos! :thup:


Bruuuuuce, Just got his first TD of 2011! :thup: I wish him nothing but the best in BC! :thup: