thank you Argos

Sweet my seats went from Silver pricing to Bronze.

Thank you Argos!

The Argos made a wise decision in canning Andrus IMHO.

Let's hope 2010 is at least half-decent. I say bring Pinball in as OC with Damon as his assistant, so he can learn and take over the job eventually. As head coach........I like Doug Berry.

That is good news. Hope you pass those savings on Ugo. :wink:

Of course I will. :wink: Always to my friends in Belle Vegas :wink:

Sweet, now if only they would win some games.

The Argos should release a “Hamilton Games only pack” and make a deal with Bob to sell seats at the Ti-Cat store.

Now if they could just get rid of Rita and Mohns.....

The Waterboy sent them packing for a reason and look at the results here in B.C. They’re not bad but they’re not the best and the League is far more competitive and professional than when they were successful back in the '90’s.
Why did Pinball get moved up and out when he’s still relatively young and was successful as HC?

Pinball didn't want to coach anymore, he is still active with the organization but wants to spend more time with his charties, business and family. So I heard on the FAN 590 when they interview him about a week ago.