Thank You Andrew

Thank you Andrew Harris for delivering on your promise, and carrying your team/city to greatness over the past 4 seasons. You have been a great role model for many (my son included). You will be missed!
Now go out there and kick some more butt, shoot for 20K all purpose yards!


Best Canadian RB ever, and no one can convince me otherwise.
I truely am a blue :unamused:Bomber fan right now


End of an era. Sucks to be here (posting in this thread I mean).


I hope Bombers put on an Andrew rally, as someone else had already started. Not just for what he's done in Winnipeg, but for everything he has done for Canadians and the CFL in total.

Of course not a sad day, more to celebrate his achievements and wishing him well until we bring him home to retire him a true Blue Bomber.

All goes well we may see him in Regina in November :joy:

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More coming out about the departure, but I'm hoping that any poster could respect the theme of this thread and keep any guess thinking out of here.

I think I can speak for all Bomber fans when I say we loved what he brought & what he did for the club. He was a true warrior and always shined brightest when needed.
I'm sure he'll do just fine in Tor, and he still has big support here!


Years ago Andrew Harris fled from Winnipeg to BC to escape the street gangs who were ruining his life. Awesome move. Wally Buono noticed him (how could he not?) and from there Harris went on to become the 'Best Undrafted Player' in CFL history. I'd probably be right to say that he's also the best Canadian running back in CFL history as well.

IMHO no one should hold any grudges here. Harris left Winnipeg the first time because he HAD to. BC let him go not because they didn't want him but because they couldn't afford to keep him. Wally Buono was the one who gave him the opportunity to play pro football in the first place so no whining allowed there either. As for his tenure in Winnipeg, that was a triumphant home coming of sorts. He left here a desperate young man and returned as a tried and true champion. We made him happy, wealthy and he made us winners. There's no denying that we shared the love. Now it's Toronto's turn to experience the 'Harris phenom' and add to this still unfolding saga. Whether they'll appreciate him or not remains to be seen.

I will always consider Andrew Harris as an example of what CAN happen if some down trodden individual decides to do whatever it takes to get out of a bad situation to better himself. It's safe to say that Harris succeeded bigtime and we're all the richer for it. No one needs to hold a grudge or apologize for anything.


Curious what will happen with the 33. Maybe they will give it to Ellingson.

Still can't figure out how a couple of special teamers ended up being the ones deserving of a post playing career in football ops while home town heros are not given the opportunity to continue on. Tom Myles could easily be working for them. Doug Brown. Andrew Harris. There is a theme.

At least for a while give 33 a rest. Sometime down the line let's see who grows into it. After all, nobody will be without a jersey if 33 isn't issued.

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This will be test for T-town. If they can't get excited enough to fill the stadium for 33 we'll have proof that there's no hope there.

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Agree. It would look bad if someone took that # in the next couple years.

Why would a WR have 33? Likely he'll offer Wolly some $$ for 82 or take 83.
As to employment with the club, Brown does do radio. As for any star player, they have to want to work in that capacity. It's not always a given.
Tom Miles? Not a name that goes with Brown & Harris, lol.
There is no theme.


Anyone remember that dynamic 22 - 33 duo we had in our backfield? Their initials were 'SB' and 'RC'. :smiley:

Several decades ago a very talented long-time member of the Minnesota NFL club retired and the team didn't get around to retiring his number right away. One or more new players asked for that number in following seasons asked for that number, but the very capable equipment manager, Stubby Eason apparently "misplaced" it. We can hope Brad Fotty has heard that story.

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I love to hear that 'we misplaced it' excuse... except when we're talking about nuclear weapons. :grin:

Richard Crump might have wore 33 in the mid 70's. He shared the backfield with J Washington at one point. Both good players.

Just try to convince me that NFL teams save jerseys from year to year, especially when they have a retired player's name on the back.

Richard Crump is... CORRECT for fifteen points. You're in the lead so far Carlos. Now for the next question and a whopping 25 points, what do the intials 'SB' stand for? :smiley:

William Miller was another who wore the 33.

Realistically they never did anything with the 1 of Charles Roberts who was statistically better so expect the same for Harris.

Surprised all the according to them real true blue fans are not chiming in on the question but can't blame them for being new to the game.

Off the top without looking I will guess Blaze Bryant for your mystery man and assume his real name was not Blaze. Kind of a so so back on a so so team if I remember. May have wore the 22.

This true blue fan is not chiming in because the conversation isn’t of much interest to me, not as a result of being new to the game.

And I will counter your latest Bomber criticism, this time about how they treat Charles Roberts, by saying that Charles remains a Bomber in good standing. He lives in Winnipeg, or at least did the last time I saw him in 2018. I have seen him at every annual Bomber dinner I have been to. I don’t know that he does anything for the Bombers in an official capacity, but next time I see him I will ask him.

The Bombers do employ alumni and Bomber discoveries Danny McManus and Wade Miller. Doug Brown is their radio play by play guy. Bomber discoveries such as Geroy Simon and Milt Stegall have found their path elsewhere, although there remains a road named after Milt at the site of the old Winnipeg Stadium and clearly he remains loyal to the Bombers and exalted in Winnipeg as the greatest receiver ever to play the CFL game.

And it is “Blaise” Bryant and that is his real name. I don’t know if @Maaax was referring to another player with his question regarding “SB”. I haven’t bothered to check back. My initial thought was “slotback”. How about it Maaax?

New to the game, lol

Only poster who shows to know little about the Bombers is Carlos.

Retired #'s don't happen often in football. Andrews tenure maybe gets 33 in consideration, but since none are "officially" retired its kinda a mute point.
It's not any kind of disrespect as this guy will have you believe.

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