Thank you AC...

Thank you AC. Thank you for making me remember Vince Ferragamo. I have an idea, if the Als change their name to "Concordes", maybe they will stop acting like prima donnas and start respecting the game of FOOTBALL. OH, the Concorde is no longer flown... How about calling them the Ottawa Airbus 380's?

Give it a rest indy

Everyone has a bad game from time to time!
How many threads to you plan to start on this topic?

Beside, better have bad games on the road than when we all sit in Molson-Percival.

It's not like indyfan cares which stadium it's in, cause he's not a REAL fan. he won't be there

Thanks again AC! By the way "he hate me", no I wasn't there. If you have season tickets, I offer you 30$ per ticket. If you sell at that price, I will be there (to cheer for Buck pierce and the Lions!).

Funny how people are so quick to jump all over the Quarterback as if he's the only one on the team. Yes, AC has had a few bad games, but he cannot wien or lose a game all by himself.

This too shall pass!

Als need a running game. When they get that everything will be ok

Running game! They have the 3rd best rusher in the league (yards). THe problem is the offensive line; too soft...

But he rushes about 8 times a game. We do need a bigger running game. And we need to get Vilimek and Piercy involved in it. The more people get the ball, the hardest it's going to be to figure out what our next move will be.

As it stands now, if you cover Cahoon, Watkins and Edwards, you have the Als neutralized. Montreal can't sustain a whole drive with the other guys the ways they are used.

Indeed, the quarterback is not the only cause for a loss but considering that Cavillo is in total control of the offense and play calling... considering his reluctance to try an establish a running game... considering how uncreative his play calling has been (bring Jacques Chapdelaine back to Montreal and give him control of play selection), he must bear the brunt of it. There is little or no imagination or balance with the Als right now. Without those two factors, you're unlikely to win championships.

I have to disagree with you Indydan. The offensive line appears to be softening lately because of the recent lack of a run game. This is the same core line that has dominated the league for years. Any running game of sorts helps to keep the O-Line focused and intense - it allows them to attack the D-line as opposed to having to be more 'defensive' while pass blocking and having to do that between 70-80% of the time will inevitably cause some breakdowns, even with the best. The Als' o-line needs to have that intensity once again and the best way to start is by giving them a chance to do (more often) what they love the most - knocking the d-line down and creating holes to run through. That will inevitably open up Cavillo's passing game.

'Third_And_Ten' is right on - with Edwards, Deidrick and Lapointe, the Als' have a trio of skilled backs who can drive the opposition nuts. Add the two big fullbacks and they can dominate. I love the pass more than running but the RBs have got to get more than 6 touches per game... that's just insane!

AC should let the first 8 plays of the next game be only rushing plays... that will baffle Winnipeg (or any other team)