Thank you 2011 TigerCats

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the players, coaches and staff for some very exciting moments of football and for taking us to the Eastern Final (where we haven’t been in far too long). It obviously didn’t end the way I wish it had, but there were some very good moments and that Eastern Semi-Final was amazing.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Stevie Baggs and especially to Bo Smith for taking the time to be very nice to my daughter. It meant a lot to her. Bo was very kind to her and went above and beyond for her. It’s something she will never forget. Also to Stala and Glenn and the rest of the organization, thank you for making a sick boy a part of the team and giving him his 15 minutes of fame (that obviously made him so happy). To Justin Medlock thanks for the kicks for kids and to Marwan thanks again for the Thanksgiving hampers. To every player who has made a difference in our community with their kindness and consideration I say a big thank you.

To the office/store staff, thanks for all the hard work and for always being helpful and available to us.

For those who are returning, I expect big things next year. For those who won’t be back, thank you for all of your contributions on and off the filed this year. Best wishes to all.

That is all…

A very nice post. :thup: Cheers to the top half of your glass. :wink:

Great post, Banshee. I share many of the same sentiments.

A lot of people seem to forget how hard all these guys do prepare and work to try and have the best chance to win. The problem is that so many things have to come together that if one little thing is off then everything can be. Like Coach Taaffe once said.. "we prepared to win every single game". Thats one good thing I took from his era. It's a quote that speaks to the fact that the work and effort is always there. The solution is the proper talent in the proper siuation and guided by proper coaching to compliment all the tools their talent have.

I am reasonably happy with this season for sure. Although a slightly worse record than the last 2 years they had more high scoring games and won a playoff game. I can live with that while hoping for more in the future. It's all part of life as a fan.

Awesome post, Banshee.

We are so quick to rip this team apart, but what we forget is all the good things these players do off the field. I am proud to call myself a Ticat fan and I am proud of how this team presented Jake with the game ball. It meant the world to him. My kids had the pleasure of spending time with Stevie Baggs and everytime we saw him he would play with them and they loved it. Thank you to the Ticats for everything you do on and off the field.

Fantastic post Banshee! I too am so happy and thankful for the fabulous people we have in our organization. I was so proud to call myself a fan during many points this season. None more so than in the situation surrounding Jake. What caring and authentic individuals we have as Ti-cats, who decided to put the spot light on a young 17 year old during our playoff run, rather than try to stay in the limelight themselves. I will be back as a season ticket holder next year and will be buying season tickets for the new IWS as well! Thank you Cats for staying classy!

Thanks Banshee :thup:

Totally agree with this sentiment. All in all, it was an entertaining year, although the ending was disappointing.

Thanks, guys.

(And K/P, I love your signature.)

Thankyou for posting Banshee and thankyou TiCats!

Ditto for me as well.
Already renewed for next season, can't wait.

Thanks for saying it so well Banshee. I have been watching the ticats for over 40 years and win or lose I am proud of our team and look forward to every game. Can't wait for next season!!

Great post Banshee...thanks for putting into words what a lot of us are thinking.
Cheers :thup:

Great post. I had to give this a bump.

There were some memorable times this year. The Jamall Johnson hit on Pierce that got many views on YouTube. The Chris Williams show in BC (where we heard Gene Simmons get all excited after seeing what Williams could do.) The first win against Montreal where this team proved they could beat them. The win against the blue team prior to the bye week. That Labour Day game in which this team overcame a bad start to get a decisive win against Montreal. The Marcus Thigpen show in Moncton. (That flea flicker and the missed FG return for the TD were awesome!) And, of course, that EDSF win at the Big O we'll always remember, as more points were scored there than in any other CFL playoff game in that classic.

And as you mention, thanks to the Ticats for everything they have done off the field.

This team sure did have its ups and downs this year. But I'm looking forward to the 2012 season. Let's hope the last season at IWS 1.0 will be a memorable one. Ideally, the last game there will be an EDF win, followed by a Grey Cup win just down the QEW in the 100th Grey Cup.


Oski Wee Wee,


X 3 Also renewed for next year already.

I want to remember the positives from this year. Certainly there were negatives as well, but everything mentioned previously in this thread confirmed for me it is GREAT to be a CFL fan and in particular a Ticats fan. I will never forget this season. Thank you Ticats.

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