Thank us later....... the little scenario I have scrawled out on a CFL schedule print-off I have forseen the end of the regular season where the last game of the year, a win for the Stamps over the Eskimos, secures Calgary a crossover spot against the Argos in the eastern semi, but more importantly for the Riders, a Home Playoff game against the Eskimos.........all you guys have to do is beat the Eskimos this weekend to make this come true......

Well if we win our last three games we would clinch second no matter the outcome of the Edmonton/Calgary game. We would rather you lost to the Esks so that they don't come into Taylor Field for the semi final mad.

cgy could be done for the year. it is possible they don't win another. they should still make the playoffs though unless ott or the peg really pull up their socks.
having said that i still voted for them this week.

Yeah but Burris is back, as shaky as he is he should be able to beat at least Hamilton again and secure the crossover.

Bah Calgary will be in the playoffs for sure, and if it comes down to it, i hope it happens redwhite!! :lol: Burris has to get back into his zone quick or else you guys will be in trouble though!

We have no one to thank now, 17 years and counting...:frowning: