Thank Lancaster and show him the door !

I hope the first thing that the Cats new Gm does as soon as the season is over is to Thank Ronny and show him the door!The ticats need new thinking,new blood and new optimism leading them .Lancaster's stuborn refusal to develop a single Qb while he was here in Hamilton is his legacy and his pathetic coaching record speaks for itself.His interm coaching this year was a disaster on the field and l can bet that many of todays players do not relate to him or his style,his take it or leave it attitude with his players does not make them play harder for him,the reverse is true.Ronny was a great player and also a terrible coach/gm the win/loss record speaks for itself! Goodbye and Thanks for waiting until the last 2 games left to make a QB change when the season is over and please take Maas with you as he is your STARTER !!!


Sunday, October 22.

Eleven days left in Ron's last ride. Got it?

As for the idea that the S.S. Catanic would have done better with a better band as it began to sink, that's another debate.

Maas was Marshall's starter despite the attempt at revisionist history. I also watched Eakin armpunt it to Bombers all night long in his earlier start and in his various relief/mop-up stints, so the question is what was the alternative for those who actually watched those results and could process them correctly?

  1. Ron Lancaster won precisely one more Grey Cup ring as Ticat coach than all his critics on put together.

  2. Blaming him for enduring an impossible situation of a bankrupted team -- unable to recruit or keep its free agents in the 2000-2003 period -- is more fitting for a scratch and sniff card than football analysis.

He belongs on the Ticat Wall of Fame for precisely those two reasons.

Developing quarterbacks? Who has Pinball and Rita developed in Toronto? Michael Bishop?

Popp/Matthews developed who behind Calvillo? Ted White???

See the trend? "Developing" a QB in the has more to do with a guy stepping up in an injured starter context and seizing his chance (read Printers and Pierce in BC) than some fanciful notion of a conscious effort to put the rook in to get gobsmacked for a season or two. Sorry but the real CFL world doesn't work that way as a rule.

Oski Wee Wee,

developing a QB in Hamilton hasn't happened in the last 25+ years so blaming Lancaster for not developing one is hogwash.

albo, lancaster has EARNED more respect in his field than most of us can dream of acheiving in ours.

AC and Ken Hobart were "developed" on the eggtimer plan. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

AC left as a FA for survival seasons in the wake of being John Jenkinsed into the walls of IWS once too often. He left here on a rail no thanks to the denizens of the stands. And some guy named McManus was on his way from Edmonton too, but I digress! :wink:

Regarding Hobart, he had a great year in the sun before his scrambling act wore thin and teams learned to contain him. Mike Kerrigan took over (he was a NE Patriot castoff if you recall) and the rest became Grey Cup history in 1986.

Arguably one can point to the Chuck Ealey era as the last time a QB was "developed" in the classic sense -- a three-year deal before he was traded prior to the 1975 season.

The CFL tends to do the "plug-in the NFL castoff" deal more than taking a raw rook and throwing him in the fire. Timm Rosenbach was the prototypical example of this for the Cats (1994). The Printers-Pierce-Kerry Joseph way to notoriety is grabbing one's chance in an injury (or in Joseph's case, expansion) scenario rather than some dice roll by a coach.

Oski Wee Wee,

oskie-oui-oui has it bang on. Lancaster did a great job when he had talent. 1998, 1999 were great years. after that the wheels started to fall off - but that was not Lancasters fault.

This year was hardly Lancasters fault - he was given the role to bail water on the titanic. The fault, with all due respect, lies with Young and than Katz. Young put a team in place that had no CFL experience. Even Paopao (which I originally thought was going to be good) had no winning experience.

As for quarterbacks - no one develops quarterbacks - some teams like BC have been blessed by great scouting. Pierce and Printers were not “developed” by BC.

As for Hamilton - other than McManus we have not had a quality quarterback for years - we had Dunnigan but we all know what happened to him. We had AC but he stank during his time here (again probably more a function of coaching than his abilities)

The great teams have systems and personnel - BC, Edmonton, Calgary and to a certain extent Montreal (although I doubt that they would succeed without AC). Hamilton sucks becuase they have not brought quality players in - receivers, DB’s, Linebackers. we can not have a great quarterback without great receivers - our receivers stopped working in 2004.

Will you just..... SHUT THE HELL UP

Pierce is being developed in BC, and Printers would have had a chance at proper development if he hadn't let his ego get in the way.

You might as well try to pin Hoffa's missing body and Kennedy's shooting on Lancaster while you're at it, yeesh...

I'm pretty sure, Lancaster was observed behind the grassy knoll!

Sign Ron to a new three contract as the Cats head coach and DMac as our new OC for three or for years.....Do you think Marcel will buy it. Give them a new five year developement program.

I hope Ron Lancaster is back next year in some capacity. If he retires, he'll do so with his head held very high. He's forgotten more about football than most people here or elsewhere will ever know. He won Grey Cups as a player and as a coach. He coached us to our last Cup win, and managed to keep the team respectable when we had no budget and were shedding free agents like flies. Coming back into the coaching role in a lousy situation this year was a selfless, classy act in my opinion. And not surprsing coming from a quality CFL vet as he is. I thank him for his service to the Cats and to the CFL, and wish him the best in whatever role he fills.

What about Lanc Jr. he sure would fit in here. After staring in Ed.

I agree ! Read my post .

why dont you try reading everybody elses posts before just responding to the opening one. :roll:

the first post says we should show Ronny the door..... what so he knows where to come back next year? He has already said hes does NOT want to come back as a coach next year so whats the problem?? Lets face it, he knows both sides of the football game... on the field and in the offices. Ronny is the best coach we have had since 1999.And now he wants to focus on the management side.